“Bet on Combat Investment Fund adds a great new revenue stream to my portfolio, I can just sit back and watch my money grow. I have been wasting my time for 10 years with the stock market, BOC Fund® works, plain and simple.”
— Jake Mason (Los Angeles, California)

"I came across Bet on Combat™ Investment Fund in the Wall Street newspaper so I decided to give it a try, best financial decision I have made. I invested three months ago and so far I have about $3000 in profits from a $5000 investment."
— Steeve Hamilton (New York, USA)

"I had my doubts when I first started but the results are way too impressive to ignore. Whether you're a serious gambler and fan of Boxing and MMA, or new to both, you can benefit from Franco’s expert advice that has proven to win consistently and profit long term. Since I have been a Bet on Combat Premium member I am up from $3,500 to nearly $85,000, and am working full time.”
— Paul Dickner (Belleville, MI)

“I've been a member of Bet on Combat Consulting Service for years. He cares as much about his players bets as he does his own. He's the only person in the business that puts huge cash on his own predictions and posts pictures to prove it.”
— Jeff Morin (Montreal, Quebec)

“Best Service out there!” I analyzed the Consulting Service for one full year before deciding to sign up. I wish I would have done so earlier. Francombat is the most disciplined bettor I have ever seen. He follows his system, teaches it to all who will listen, and does it very very well. The chat room is professional, fun, and interactive. I have been successful enough so I now moderate Bet on Combat's chatroom. The addition of Francombat TV has taken my personal betting to an entirely new level. In real time, I get to see Francombat in action: what bets/odds he is watching, why he is watching them, and what the chart patterns are showing.
— Robert Tisdale (Miami, FL)

“Not for the timid, hard core betting at it's best. I've joined lots of handicapping sites, both pay and free. This one can make you money if you follow the man. Don't give up, if you lose a couple, NOBODY WINS 100%. This guy knows his stuff. A nice change, from someone who says they know it all. 15 years of betting and make money? Damn rare!

— Albert Bouchard (Quebec, Quebec)

“I’m a 29 year old single mother of two. I do not really know too much about combat sports but I don't really have to with Bet on Combat™ Investment Fund. As of today my profits are around $40,000 since being an investor. I am extremely thankful.”
— Cindy Chelsea K. (Las Vegas, NV)

“Franco Richard really is the best combat sports bettor out there and if you follow his plays, you will win. The dude is on point when it comes to fighter analysis, fight breakdown and the market supports his plays as well. You can be confident in his ability to find the best plays on any given card. Since subscribing to the Bet on Combat Consulting Service, I am already up $8,000 with my measly $3,000 sportsbook account and I have learned so much from him by being on the challenge. Sign up for his service, you won’t regret it.”

— Daniel Renaldo (Baltimore, MD)

“Since following Franco in 2013, my results have improved dramatically. Most crucial of all is Franco has helped me look at his strategy from a different angle, this guy is for real! His betting history speaks for itself.”
— Andrew Stevenson (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

“Much of gambling success in combat sports is not who to wager, but when to wager, at what price, and how much. Bet on Combat Founder Franco Richard is elite at this. There truly is no one quite like Franco. Bottom line, if you want to learn about combat sports betting from someone with a keen grasp on this sector then he is your man. He is honest and very open.”
— Jason Lee. (Taipei, Taiwan)

"Finally I can invest in something I am passionate about and have a better understanding of, while receiving a higher return than the stock market."

— Ken Benoit (Paris, France)

Hi Franco. I have a couple of people wanting to join your site. Is there an affiliate number I can give them to show that I referred them?

Thanks and I am up 20% since joining.


— Michael Kerry (Arizona, USA)

"Sign up process was very simple to follow. I was able to submit my application in under 20 minutes. I paid securely through Stripe and the online notary option make it so ease to track my transaction. BOC Fund® takes security seriously." 
— Trixie Liu (Vancouver, Canada)

I’m risk adverse and was extremely skeptical when I first discovered BOC Fund®I had a little bit of money saved up and decided to spend a couple of months researching it before I invested any money. I set aside $250 of my savings as an amount I could afford to lose in a worst case scenario (I would definitely have noticed the loss but I’d still have a place to live and food to eat). It was one of the best things I’ve ever done! Six weeks later I’d doubled my $250 investment and was able to put the $250 back into my savings. Since then I’ve only advantage gambled with my profits and have consistently made hundreds (and on occasion even thousands) of dollars per month, on my computer ‘working’ from home. Best of luck on your journey to become a profitable combat sports investor, I hope it’s as profitable and fun as it’s been for me.
— Gary Brewer (London, UK)

“The reason I chose to invest with BOC Fund is because I’ve followed him for the past two years or so, and I’m very happy with the results so far, and I would recommend him. I would say entity wagering is not for everyone, but if someone is looking to make an investment, my first recommendation would be BOC Fund.”
— Ashlee Schmitz (Melbourne, Australia)

At first, I followed Franco's Free plays on Twitter for about 3 months. Being a bettor myself, I was deeply skeptical of his strategy and I had some hesitation in paying someone else for plays. But when I saw the rate at which he was winning over time-consistently, I was foolish not to jump on board. It's been over a year and half now and I've seen my winning percentage and bank roll increase over that time. What separates Bet on Combat from other services out there is his consistent winning plays, honesty and most of all integrity. Whether you're a novice, intermediate or professional sports bettor, set your ego aside and get on board with Bet on Combat. You won't be disappointed.

— Karl Beauregard

“I’ve been following Franco’s bets for almost 2 years and couldn’t be happier with the results. As with any handicapper or tout, I was skeptical in the beginning if his bets truly did win long term. I started out by tailing his bets cautiously but it didn’t take long to realize he lives up to all the claims he’s made. 
— Mike Garth

Not only is Franco Richard incredibly good at breaking down fights and betting them, he is completely honest too. All of his bets are tracked whether they win or lose and he never tries to scoot losses under the rug. So many other handicappers out there will try to hide their losses not mentioning them but when they win they are quick to boast about them. Franco is not like that at all, he is always upfront about every loss whether it’s just a single losing bet or a losing event. His honesty is one of the main things that made me confident in signing up since I knew he was trustworthy and wouldn’t lie to me down the road. When you sign up for his service you get superb breakdowns, extremely profitable bets and an honest hardworking man. It’s well worth the cheap price of 25 bones per event.
— Andrew Mitchell

“Signing up for Franco Richard’s premium picks is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Think of it like an investment. You pay a little bit of money to make a lot of money in return. And just in case you don’t make any money on his plays he offers a money back guarantee. I haven’t had a need for that though, since I signed up in June of [2017] and haven’t had a losing package since. Even when Franco has a losing event there is always a big winning one right after so I know when there is a rare loss that I will just get it all back and more. Overall I’m a very satisfied subscriber.”

— Keith Michaud

"Great service. I get prediction alerts right to my cell phone so I can get my bets in on time, very helpful. Not only are recommended bets provided but also explanations and break downs of each match up. These break downs help newer fight fans and rookie gamblers build their own base of knowledge, which I can personally speak to the value of. Franco provides a thorough breakdown of each fight and a strong rationale behind each of his predictions. I do not know how sportsbooks stay in business with a service like Bet on Combat® out there, they just consistently make money!
— Cindy Bellemarre

Great bang for your buck, probably the best strategy for growing accounts that I have used in the past. This one can make you money if you follow the man. Don't give up, if you lose a couple, nobody wins 100%. It’s all about ROI. As Franco says himself, its not a sprint but a marathon. This guy knows his stuff. A nice change, from someone who says they know it all. 20+ years of betting and make money? Damn rare!
— Nelson Vidal (Texas, USA)

These are just a few of the many satisfied bettors who have followed our winning advice over the years, as well as investors who have put their hard earned money into our growing investment fund. You can join the club by signing up for a Premium membership today. Of course, you can always tail our free predictions every week in the news section or check out our documented betting performance to get a taste of the type of the results you will get by following the plays of true professional Combat Sports Investors.

*Results may not be typical or may vary from person to person. See disclaimer here

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