Word from the Founder

Welcome to Bet on Combat, the pioneer in sports investing and the utmost authority in the combat sports betting industry.

Congratulations on taking the first step to creating an effective and prosperous sports wagering portfolios, either as your primary form of investment or as a way of diversifying your current portfolio.

Just in case you don’t know me, I want to take a few minutes to introduce myself. My name is Franco Richard better known as Francombat and I am the Founder, Chief Betting Officer, and the largest Shareholder of the most unusual organization in the gaming sector. If you haven’t heard about me before, I am the guy from Montreal, Quebec who dropped out of college and started to bet his own money on the outcomes of fights and became a multi-millionaire by the age of 30. Yes you heard that right, betting thousands of dollars on combat sports. You may have heard the story how I turned $17,450 into a cool $4.7 Million dollars over a couple years (I've made more since then). Because of my success, I’ve been featured by every major business and financial media outlet and hired as oddsmaker and consultant for some of the world’s top sports books from Las Vegas to Antigua to Macau. I've also been on various radio stations, morning news shows, and television networks discussing combat sports betting.

In response to the erratic nature of mainstream financial markets, I identified the opportunity to secure superior returns through the application of mainstream portfolio and investment management techniques to the burgeoning markets of combat sports betting investment, leading to the establishment of the world's premier combat sports hedge fund. In January 2010, with $500,000 as a seed capital investment, I established the Bet on Combat Betting Fund or short form (BOC Fund™) in St-John’s, Antigua with a view to offer investors an alternative product to shares, bonds, property and other “traditional” investment vehicles and asset classes. Under my leadership, the hedge fund has grown to nearly $3,2 million in assets under management within five years. It did not take long for investors list to grow. In fact, my hedge fund went on to become recognized as both exciting and lucrative alternative to traditional investment.

In the betting business, past performance cannot guarantee future results. But, what I can guarantee you is that at Bet on Combat, your hard-earned money will never become a secondary concern. I will treat your money exactly as if it were my own because it’s my fiduciary duty for one, and two, my own money is also invested in BOC Fund™ right alongside yours. It took me more than 17 years to discover this and hundred thousand dollars in cash down straight out the window. I am now proud to say I have helped several people make $50,000, $100,000 and even over $1,000,0000 using my strategies. I hope you'll be next.

With sports betting becoming more mainstream and the industry growing, and the passing of Senate Bill 443 it is now legal to create a sport betting mutual fund in Las Vegas. I want to establish Bet on Combat® as the standard. Consistently turning a profit, transparent and informative. I also want to be the leader of this marketplace and show that combat sports betting is a legitimate investment by outperforming the major stock indexes, mutual funds and Etf’s, making combat sports betting a real investment option for all.

Please tell your friends and colleagues about BetonCombat.com; the more bettors and investors, the more knowledgeable and profitable our community becomes. Join over 1,000 investors in the world’s premier combat sports hedge fund and start earning your 2nd income. Remember that you always risk losing the money you bet or invest, so do not spend more than you can afford to lose. If you think you may have a problem, click here.

Best of luck on your journey to become a profitable combat sports investor. 

Franco Richard
Founder & Chief Betting Officer
Bet on Combat Group, LLC.


Our Story




Bet on Combat® is a pioneer in sports investing and the utmost authority in the combat sports betting industry. Founded in 2000 by French Canadian martial artist and entrepreneur Franco Richard, Bet on Combat Group, LLC is a global company that offers a full range of consulting, investing and gaming services, including their BOC Consulting, BOC Investing, and BOC Gaming. Headquartered in the Caribbean nation of Antigua, Bet on Combat™ was first established in Taiwan as an online odds comparison service then evolved into a combat sports betting consulting firm, where members are advised concerning who to bet on and how to bet them, similar to your stock broker advising you on which stock or fund to invest your money in. 

Exploding onto the sports investing scene in 2015, Bet on Combat® now bring's you the opportunity to invest on the burgeoning market of combat sports via its multi-sports hedge fund BOC Capital™ from anywhere at anytime in real time at your fingertips. Despite their relatively young age, BOC Capital™ has quickly established itself as one of the world’s fastest growing destinations for income investing, thus making it the number one ranked sports hedge fund company in terms of size and revenue in 2017, with approximately $3.2 million in assets and a return on investment over +196.23% to investors. This is why BOC Capital™ is trusted to manage more money than any other sports investment firm in the world. 

From small-time bettors to big-time whales who put six figures on the line, whether you’re speculating in alternative investments or serious about a long term investment opportunity, Bet on Combat® is your leading global destinations for the latest odds, lines movement and on all things related to the numbers around combat sports wagering. Our goal here is to centralize as much information about an upcoming fight based solely from a betting perspective and provide you, the casual and pro bettor with the tools and advices to make the most informed betting decision.

Montreal is a major player both in the gambling and the professional combat sports industry of North America. And yet, there is untapped potential when it comes to the world of sports investing in Montreal. This is why we created a gaming office Bet on Combat Salon to nurture a professional environment for our sports analysts and staff, as well as the best place for fight fans to eat, drink, bet and watch fight.

Since the initial platform officially launched in 2000, Bet on Combat has grown explosively and has become a transformative experience, changing the way fans interact with combat sports. As of today - Bet on Combat™ has evolved into the premier social network for combat sports gamers with a growing community of over 5000 members worldwide who share their performance and dedicated towards helping each other make money from betting on fights. Now thanks to its private chat room, combat sports fans around the world can connect and interact with each other to discuss upcoming match-ups, odds, betting tips, predicitons, news, post fights and follow their favorite handicapping experts. This means you can follow your mates and top ranked bettors, providing a very cool way to get authentic betting tips to improve your real money bets. By following winning bettors, logic implies you will become more successful. Plus, with profiles, leaderboards and monthly prizes, we make betting more fun! Start posting your picks, gain followers, build your reputation.

The Fund

Visit our Investing page here.

Our Philosophy


Year Bet on Combat Dow Jones S&P 500
2008 42% -38.2% -44.8%
2009 50% 18.8% 23.5%
2010 93% 10.4% 12.0%
2011 53% 5.5% 0.01%
2012 69% 7.3% 13.4%
2013 55% 26.5% 29.6%
2014 44% 7.5% 11.4%

Who We Are

Bet on Combat Group's Executives and Analysts at the MGM Grand Garden Arena


"We Are On The Fight!: To us, the word “ Bet on Combat” means Saturday Fight Night. We’re on the edge of our seats every weekend. We’ve been up, we’ve been down, We’ve celebrated, we’ve been devastated. We wouldn’t have it any other way. And sometimes, against all odds, against all logic, we still hope." 
- Franco Richard, Founder of Bet on Combat


Bet on Combat Group are professional bettors and fund managers whose investment universe centres on combat sports and events. In this nascent sector we provide unparalleled investment intelligence, funds management expertise and through the use of technology, customer service. They are comprised of former financial advisors, oddsmakers, journalists, pro fighters, and trainers, who study and analyze every fighter and every fight event to develop better information, make smarter predictions and win more money! They know what's going on inside the training camp. They know who wants it more, who's injured and who's out for revenge. They analyze upcoming match ups to find out how two fighters really compare. As Professional combat sports betting consultants, they look at combat sports betting just like buying stocks, futures, options, or investing in general. The bottom line is: they give bettors advice that are about as close as you can get to inside trading the stock market. Unlike many other investment funds, our Fund Managers have a substantial investment in the Fund - aligning their interests with yours. 


The Bet on Combat Board of Directors and Advisory Board currently consists of the following executives:



Franco Richard

Founder & Chief Betting Officer


Franco Richard, better known as Francombat, is the Founder, Chairman of the Board, and the largest Shareholder of Francombat, LLC., a holding company who owns and operates a collective investment portfolio of businesses, as well as a dedicated crypto investor and successful entrepreneur. If you haven’t heard about him before, he is the guy from Montreal, Quebec who dropped out of college and started to bet his own money on the outcomes of fights and became a multi-millionaire by the age of 30.

Starting at the age of 25, Franco broke into the gambling industry by working for one of the biggest bookmaker in Asia, where he learned all the good, the bad and the ugly being both a oddsmaker and handicapper. This laid the foundation that gave him the invaluable perspective of how lines are set, line movements, how public perception affects the line, and the ability to spot value.

In 2004, Franco founded online gaming venture Bet on Combat™, a company that provides its clients with advice on who to bet on and how to bet them, similar to a stock broker advising its client on which stock or fund to invest their money in. By 2005, Franco was Asia's biggest combat sports betting consultant, with an impressive client list of 100 "high net worth individuals" whose minimum bet was $10,000. In the same year, Franco relocated its global headquarters from Taiwan to Antigua with the dream of making it big in the industry. Franco's first notable cash was in 2004, when he placed his life saving money of 17,450 on fellow French Canadian prospect Georges St-Pierre at UFC 46: Supernatural and doubled his money. He then had the $52,370 bank roll to start his combat sports betting career. Then, three year later he made international news in the spring of 2007 when he won more than a quarter million dollars ($259,000.00 to be exact) betting on Matt Serra to win the UFC Welterweight title at odds of 7-1 at UFC 69: Shootout.

In response to the erratic nature of mainstream financial markets, Franco identified the opportunity to secure superior returns through the application of mainstream portfolio and investment management techniques to the burgeoning markets of combat sports betting investment, leading to the establishment of the world's premier combat sports hedge fund. In January 2010, with $500,000 as a seed capital investment, Franco established the Bet on Combat Betting Fund (BOC Fund) in St-John's, Antigua with a view to offer investors an alternative product to shares, bonds, property and other “traditional” investment vehicles and asset classes. Under his leadership, the betting fund has grown to nearly $7,5 million in assets under management within five years. 

With unconventional business approaches, Franco has firmly established himself in the online gambling industry as the go-to experts on how to make money betting on fights. As of today, he has the longest running and most profitable combat sports betting tips record in the industry. Franco has proven that it's possible to become filthy rich outside Wall Street, and wagers over $100,000 a week on fights. In his own words, “I can help you make more money in a month than the stock market in a year, mark my word.” Prior to forming BetonCombat.com, Franco worked as a bouncer in several nightclubs in Quebec and party promoter. 

Franco’s successful story inspired hundreds of daily emails from fans wanting to know more about him and his betting strategy. He is currently engaged in a forthcoming book project entitled “Investing on Combat Sports: Introducing the New Wall Street.” You can watch our documentary series where he tells how he went from $17.450 to $4.700.000 in profits from betting. He is also currently in the talk to produce and host a TV show called 'We are on the Fight', a weekly betting preview show where he would interviews athletes and celebrities. 

This journey has provided him with a great lifestyle and financial freedom. Despite his success, Franco never forgot his humble upbringing. Throughout his Unfightable Initiative, Franco give back to various charities from around the world.

For more about Franco Richard, visit francorichard.com.

Philippe Dupuis

Chief Executive Officer


Philippe Dupuis is the Chief Executive Officer of Bet on Combat Investment Fund and Consulting Services, and brings over 25 years of investment experience including 15 years on Wall Street in global mergers & acquisitions, capital markets and investment management. Dupuis is responsible for overseeing the execution of Combat Sports Investment Fund’s strategy and management of the business, working closely with key service providers such as lawyers, auditors, betting exchanges and bookmakers. Dupuis has co-authored papers on topics including sports investing, derivatives, enhanced indexation, securities lending, hedge funds and the secret of Franco Richard’s combat sports investing acumen. He also initiated BOC’s international growth and its introduction of mutual funds as well as the creation of the “Bet on Combat learning" article series.

Mr. Dupuis is a graduate of Concordia University in International Business.

Jun Fa Li

Chief Financial Officer


Jun Fa Li is the Chief Financial Officer of Bet on Combat Group LLC., and Director of Investor Relations of the BOC Fund™. Li has transferred her background in financial analysis and applied the same strategies into a “Combat Sports Investing" philosophy. She is primarily responsible for all financial matters for Bet on Combat™, including Accounting, Tax, Treasury and Investor Relations. Li is also responsible for financial planning, record-keeping, financial reporting and sits as well on the board of directors.

She views each client as an investor and herself as their “Combat Sports Investing Analyst" with a singular job and thats too provide a high return on each clients initial investment. Her financial background, love of numbers, and firm grasp of what it takes to be a successful combat sports bettor puts her in a great position for future success.

Ms. Li currently also serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Francombat Management LLC., an asset management firm and holding company who owns and operates a collective investment portfolio of businesses in the United States, Europe and Asia.

She also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Unfightable Foundation, an independent charitable giving organization, whose purpose is to inspire the next generation to dream big, take action and encourage individuals to remain positive in the face of adversity. Prior to Bet on Combat, Li held leadership positions in the Canadian public financial sector.

Li hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (B.B.A.) & Finance from the McGill University in Montreal.

Michael Lynch

Chief Risk Officer


Michael Lynch is the Chief Risk Officer of Bet on Combat Investment Fund and is the executive accountable for enabling the efficient and effective governance of significant risks and reward, and related opportunities, to the business and its various segments. His primary responsibilities are the development of combat sport-specific databases and working with the CIO and analysts to develop sports specific algorithms that can be used for primary betting and trading. Lynch also work alongside other senior executives such as with the chief compliance officer and chief financial officer, dealing with topics regarding insurance, internal auditing, corporate investigations, fraud, and information security. His main priority is to ensure that the organization is in full compliance with applicable regulations and to analyze all risk related issues. Lynch is an expert on gaming models and has published peer reviewed articles on statistical models of combat sports. His latest model was presented at the 15th annual conference on gaming in Las Vegas. 

Mr Lynch holds a PhD in statistics from UCLA.

Stephen Arnault

Chief Legal Officer

Stephen Arnault is Bet on Combat's Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). He is primarily responsible for all legal affairs and regulatory compliance within the organization. Mr. Arnault was first appointed to the Board as a non-executive director in January 2010 and Chairman of the Audit Committee of BOC Fund’s Investment Group. Mr. Arnault has extensive knowledge of international financial markets gained from experience at leading global financial institutions in a career spanning 30 years. Stephen currently serves as the Chairman of Global Holdings Limited in Los Angeles, California.

Mr. Arnault holds both a B.A. in Economics and an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of California, Los Angeles.



Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wonder how you can bet on combat sports? Where can Canadians or Americans bet on Boxing or MMA? Tired of googling whether this sportsbook has lines for this fight? This is a reference guide for any questions you might have regarding betting on combat sports online.

Consequently, we get dozens of e-mails each week from people asking us all kinds of stuff about what we do and how we do it. So what we've done here is taken the top of the questions that we get the most and tried to answer them as simply as we can to make things easier for you.

The following section details the answers to commonly asked questions regarding how to Get Started, the Consulting Service, and the Betting Fund. Should you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


About Bet on Combat 

What is Bet on Combat?

Bet on Combat is a social network for combat sports gaming enthusiasts to share their knowledge and enhance their own betting expertise. The website encompasses a wide range of products and services all designed to help improve your betting results.

Bet on Combat three major lines of business are:

Consulting service

The Bet on Combat Consulting Service (BOC Consulting) aim to advise casual and professional bettors concerning who to bet on and how to bet them, similar to your stock broker advising you on which stock or fund to invest your money in. We advise more than 1 million dollars worth of combat sports betting plays every week. For more information, please visit: BetonCombat.com/consulting

Betting Fund

The Bet on Combat Betting Fund (BOC Fund) caters to people who do not follow the combat sports but wishes to invest in the combat sports Betting Fund because they recognized our proven high returns profitability. The BOC Fund pool funds from investors and wager on combat sports markets, similar to investing in any other financial market via a mutual fund. We provide alternative investment to hundreds to new investors in Canada and around the world and manage close to 3.2 million dollars in capital net worth from our investors. For more information, please visit BetonCombat.com/investing


Bet on Combat: The Game is the world's first Fantasy Combat Sports Pick'em from the World's leading combat sports gaming brand.

Bet on Combat® is a community of sports fans that love to make picks on fights. We've all watched a boxing match or UFC event with our friends and there's always a guy who thinks he knows too much about the outcome. With Bet on Combat®, you can show your skills or get an edge by following other predictions. Build up a winning record and you'll gain fans of your own. We know you have a strong opinion about who win the fight and Bet on Combat® is your voice to prove how good you really are.

For more information, please visit BetonCombat.com/gaming


Getting Started

How to Bet on Combat sports? 

To Learn How to Bet on Fights, you can read our Free Betting Guide right here. You can also buy the book "Investing on Combat Sports: introducing the New Wall Street”. You will find Bet on Combat Founder Franco Richard's personal Strategy, tips and much more. 

Why can I never find your book in any bookstore?

Because bookstores are horrible places to sell books—30-40% of all books are returned and the margins bad. The book is available exclusively online at Amazons because online selling is the future as it’s much more efficient and profitable for publishers.

Where to Bet? 

If you're looking for a place to bet on combat sports, consider signing up through us at BetonCombat.com/Bookmakers. Join today to take advantage of all our great offers. Our many years of experience guarantee you a superior betting service. You can follow all the opening Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA betting odds at the biggest sports books in the industry on BetonCombat.com’s Live Odds page.

Bet on Combat not only keeps track of all the combat sports betting lines and betting odds but also monitors sharp and steam lines moves, giving you instant access to live odds from 20-plus reputable sports books, all handpicked and certified as reliable outlets by Franco Richard himself.

Should I have more than one sports book? 

It certainly doesn't hurt to have accounts at multiple books. In fact, that's a great practice of a professional bettor: it allows you to do what we call line shopping (aka looking for the best price on a given event). Serious bettors will likely have accounts at 4-5 books or more. For example, one book might find Sean Salmon at +500 on one site (meaning for every $1 risked you would win $5) and +450 on another ($4.50 for every $1 risked). You'd obviously want to shop and get the best price, namely the +500 line. Otherwise you're just leaving money on the table. 

Can I wager on other sports? 

Of course, the sport books we recommend, allow you to wager on a variety of sports such as football, horse races, tennis, basketball, etc.

Do you guys get a "kickback" of any sort from Sportsbooks or any other advertising entity at this site?

Absolutely Not. We have no partnerships, endorsements or sponsorships with any sportsbooks in any way, shape or form. We intentionally avoid those types of relationships due to the inherent conflict of interest they present.  So, any sportsbooks display on BetonCombat.com are for information purpose only and their odds through a purchased syndicated feed.

Is this safe? 

Thousands of bettors have enjoyed betting on sports via the internet. The sport books we recommend have paid out millions in winnings. Remember these sportsbooks are not fly by night businesses looking to scam a few thousand dollars from one person. This is a billion dollar industry and they have all built there business on gaining your trust and the trust of big players. Each one has at least a decade of history behind them and you should feel secure moving your money in and out of any of these books.



How do I get started?

Registering with Bet on Combat is free, quick and easy. To sign up and become a member of Bet on Combat click here.

Once you have registered, use the side navigation bar to browse through our services. If you are looking for betting tips you should head straight for our consulting section.

If you are looking to improve your betting knowledge, both beginners and more experienced bettors will find something useful in our betting academy. 

Also make sure you visit the Most Comprehensive Fighter Comparison — a valuable statistical database on every single fight match-up on planet earth, helping you predict the outcomes of fights and improve your betting chances.

Visit our bookmaker for detailed info on a wide range of online services catering for your betting needs and, of course, post your own predictions to compete in our popular monthly tipster competitions.

Why do I need to sign up?

By signing up and becoming a member of Bet on Combat you will instantly become part of one of the world’s largest betting communities and have instant and free access to our wide range of services plus the ability to:

    •    post your own predictions

    •    participate in tipster competitions

    •    follow other tipsters

    •    receive notifications

    •    place bets on their tips

    •    contact us via our community support gateway

In addition to other exclusive content and services.

Why joining Bet on Combat Community?

    •    Discover your favorite tipsters and follow their predictions. 

    •    Exchange information with other users and together beat the bookies.

    •    Publish your own predictions, track your progress and get valuable feedback from other bettors.

    •    Compete with the best combat sports bettors from all over the world and grab the chance to win real money each month

    •    Find trustworthy bookmakers by reading our impartial reviews.

Do I need to post predictions to use Bet on Combat?

No. Posting predictions is not a prerequisite for using other services. If you have signed up to Bet on Combat you are under no obligation to join the conversation in the chatroom, participate in any competition or use any other service we offer which you are not interested in but remember all current tips are available for everyone to view.

How can I change my profile settings?

You can adjust your profile settings by entering ‘settings’ from your profile icon in the top right hand corner or by clicking here.

Is it possible to change my username?

Bet on Combat is designed to be a betting community therefore we encourage our users to stick to their usernames so people become familiar with other users but if you really must change your username you have to send us a request. It can take up to a week to change however so be patient.

What is a Verified profile?

A Bet on Combat verified profile is a recognition that is given by Bet on Combat, which means that the profile is authentic. The verified profile contains a gold badge beside the name of profile. 

Verified badges must be applied by Bet on Combat, and accounts that use a badge as a part of profile photos, background photos, or in any other way that implies verified status, are subject to permanent account suspension.

How do I get verified?

To become a verified profile you must first prove that you are a real individual. If you think your account should be verified, let us know by email. A verified badge does not imply an endorsement by Bet on Combat.

Benefits of Verified Bet on Combat Profile:

    •    Your Fan will attract more people to follow your profile

    •    People will trust with your posted information

    •    Verified Bet on Combat Profile increase fan following

    •    Profile reach is more of Verified Bet on Combat Profiles

    •    And many more

How do I delete my profile?

It is possible to delete your own profile. To do this go to your settings and select the delete tab. You will be prompted for your password to confirm the request which will remove all tips placed under that username. Once a profile is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. 


Posting predictions

How do I post predictions?

To post tips you must first register with BetonCombat.com. Then click on ‘post tip’ in the top right corner of the Bet on Combat website. On the first screen of the post tip form you can select your event by either manual search or begin typing the teams/players involved and select from the drop-down menu. Once you have found your desired event proceed to the next screen where you can input the details of your prediction.

Select your bet category, bet type and other prediction specifics. Note: some options only become available when selecting certain bet categories and bet types. Next you must select your desired stake. Odds are automatically added once your tip has been entered, with the highest odds at the top of the list.

The final stage of post predictions to support the prediction with an analysis. See the sections on analyses below for more details.

The final screen is a confirmation of your tip.

For full details about the rules of the tipster competition click here.

What happens if I make a mistake in my prediction? e.g. I selected the wrong bet type.

You should always double check your predictions before you submit them and you should consider our predictions as you would if you placed the same bet with a bookmaker -- would you expect the bookmaker to change your bet after it was placed because you made a mistake?

Can I delete a prediction?

Tipsters are not allowed to delete predictions and even if you claim a mistake was made, predictions will not be deleted by Bet on Combat unless it is under extreme circumstances, for example, we suspect cheating. Similarly, and for obvious reasons, predictions cannot be deleted after an event has taken place. Eliminating the prospect of deleting predictionhs also helps us achieve our golden rule of transparency ensuring that all information that appears on bettingexpert is made in good faith. Please be certain your prediction is correct before you post it.

Do I have to manually update results of matches?

No. Our new post prediction system automatically updates the results of events so once you have placed a prediction you don't have to do anything further. Note: in rare circumstances, such as rare bet types in smaller markets, events might not be automatically updated and will either have to be manually updated by the tipster or by Bet on Combat.

Can I post tips in different languages?

You are allowed to post tips in different languages but please note that predictions will only contribute towards that language’s respective competition. The exception to this is the Tipster of the Year competition which is awarded to the tipster that generates the most profit over a year in all tips posted regardless of the language the tips are posted in.

Can I post the same tip in different languages?

No, you are not allowed to post the same tip twice even if it is in a different language. Previously, tipsters were able to translate tips so they were available for different however the rules have changed now since the introduction of the new post tip system so that translations are not enabled any further.

Am I allowed to post more than one prediction per match?

Tipsters are permitted to post more than one prediction in the same match, however, the predictions must be in different markets and the combined total of the stakes for that match must not exceed 10. The purpose of this rule is that tipsters are unable to stake more than 10 on any tip but also allows them a bit of freedom to tip on other markets. The same rule applies for tips placed on the same event but across different languages - the total tip on any one event across all languages must not exceed 10 units. Please remember that if you do decide to post predictions on multiple markets of the same event, the analyses must be different and relevant for that specific prediction.

This means for example that if you wanted to post an 8-unit tip on a home victory for a particular event you are not allowed to post more than 2-units on a different market in the same event. This would take the total to 10-units. Note: this would not count as a 10-unit stake and will not contribute to the 10% rule for 10-unit tips.

There is an exception to this rule in Golf, Horse Racing and Motor Sports whereby tipsters are allowed to post up to 10 units on a win market in addition to a further combined 10 units in any other markets other than the win market. The reason for this exception is that these single events feature many competitors and so we don't want tipster to be too restricted in these markets which can sometimes only happen once a year.

Why can’t I place a tip less than 30 minutes before an event?

We want to give users browsing tips enough time to make an informed decision about whether to follow a tip before the event begins.

What do I do if I see a mistake in a tip?

If you think a tipster has made a mistake in a tip make sure you report the tip to us using our Report Tip feature found in the top right hand corner of the respective tip's page. There are several options to choose from or alternatively select the 'other' category and manually input what you think is wrong with the tip.

What do I do if I suspect a user is attempting to cheat in their tip?

If you suspect another tipster is cheating or gaining an unfair advantage then please report them immediately here. Please be aware that it is not a good idea to publicly accuse other tipsters of cheating particularly if you don't have sufficient evidence to support your claim so always give them the benefit of the doubt. We appreciate all the help we can get from our community in regulating tipster behaviour.


Transparency and Accountability

Why did we create Bet on Combat Chatroom
We built Bet on Combat Chatroom as a way to introduce measurement, accountability, transparency and data-driven optimization into the betting world. In order to demonstrate transparency and accountability, communications should be clear, easily accessed, and kept up-to-date. Our inspiration came from Franco Richard trying to help his students bet better when he realized detailed performance data helps people focus on what works best for them thus making them more profitable. Academic studies suggest 95% of bettors lose longterm and 70% of professional mutual fund managers fail to beat the S&P 500 each year and yet there remains thousands of "gurus", bettors and handicappers who claim online to be consistently profitable.
But who is actually profitable?  
It's time to put up or shut up. Just like Investimonials does for financial products, BetonCombat.com aims to discover the best bettors and investors and weed out the worst.
How do I know you didn’t just make those statistics up?
Easy. You can follow the site for a while and see for yourself. We sell our plays in long-term packages, anywhere from 1 month to 1 year. If we were to lie just once about our results, we would lose every single long-term customer. Thus the members of this site are collectively the best monitoring service in the business. We want your business long-term, which is why we will never give you exaggerated or false records, ever.
Why do so many bettors, handicappers and "gurus" lie about their performance?
The gambling industry will always have its share of weasels, degenerates and losers, but we prefer to focus our precious time and efforts on those who are not necessarily always successful, but who always want to learn from losses and mistakes instead of pretending they don't exist or covering them up with lies. Everyone, even legendary investors and traders, endures losses every now and then; we have already learned from the top bettors and gamblers in the Chatroom that the key to successful long-term performance is by focusing on minimizing these losses. Most successful bettors realize this game is a marathon not a sprint and the sooner you begin analyzing your own and other people's profits and losses in detail, the more successful you will become.
Why should people share their profits and losses openly?
Trillions of dollars are spent each year on management fees, subscriptions, DVDs, newsletters and coaching on people claiming to be consistently profitable, but academic studies and experience teaches us trusting anyone in this industry is very dangerous. You can help make this industry transparent and great. There are honest and consistently profitable bettors and handicappers out there, we just need to find them.
Why does Bet on Combat Chatroom have its share of critics?
Our founder Franco Richard has made more than a few enemies exposing fraud and misinformation in the betting and online handicapper industries so people will rip on any and all of his projects. We've gotten used to that... and his attitude problems... and we remain focused on our goal of true betting transparency to improve not just individual bettors, but the entire malfunctioning industry called gambling.
Why has nobody thought of this before?
It is not in anybody's business interest for the online sports betting industry to be fully transparent. And that's what we're hoping to accomplish--to cut through all the BS and weed out the incompetents and liars... because that mission is just and right.
“From a bookmaker’s perspective and a bettor’s perspective, the integrity of the combat sports betting market is something that we all have in common,” Bet on Combat Founder added. “If it’s compromised, bookmakers are out of business and so am I. So I’m going to do my best to protect it.”
How does Bet on Combat weed out liars?
The community can weed out those who they think are lying and you can now post screenshots of your bets or even verify them via our bookmakers import feature. We will not tolerate liars and frauds on our site, they can go post on other websites that tolerate such behavior. If you don't believe a bet, click this Madoff icon and it will be noted... this makes the Bet on Combat community self-policing. Bet on Combat members can rise above such suspicion by using the broker connect tool to verify their trades, thus wiping away any doubt that their trades are real.
Is it a conflict of interest for Franco Richard to both own the site and be on the leaderboards?
No, because Franco shows all of his bets just like everyone else. He is the reason Bet on Combat exists and he exemplifies the kind of brutal honesty and transparency to which all bettors and handicappers should aspire.
What are verified results?

BOC has a 100% transparent & verified results policy. This means that all SPS picks are submitted to, tracked and verified by an independent 3rd party handicapping monitor. This is a true measure of excellence in the sports betting industry where false claims and misleading advertisements are rampant. Most services do not display past performances simply because they have a poor record. Those that do, often either fabricates their results (or) data mine their results showing only past wins. Only long term profitable services such as SPS displays all past picks and are willing to be monitored by a 3rd party! 



What is the purpose of the blog?

Our renowned blog featuring well known combat sports writers, and of course, the hugely popular tipster competition whereby members compete for monthly prizes based on their ability to predict the outcomes of fights. Tips placed by tipsters for the monthly competition are available for anyone to view which means that you can be safe in the knowledge that they are serious tips allowing you to make an informed decision of which fighter to invest your money on.

In our blog, you’ll find profound combat sports betting related analysis of the some of the world’s leading betting experts. We want to collect and share great betting knowledge on the blog in order to educate our users and ultimately to achieve Bet on Combat's goal: to improve your combat sports betting from an investing perspective.

Who is writing on the blog?

Both members from our staff and guest bloggers are writing for our blog.

Can I write for the blog?

Our blog is written by highly experienced combat sports betting writers and to keep the standard high we only let very high quality writers post on the blog. If you genuinely feel you have something special to offer or are an expert in your field and would like to write for our blog, please send us a message. 

How can I work for Bet on Combat?
We're proud of our team and continue to search for exceptional talent to help us stay ahead of the fight game.
You can see our currently advertised jobs here.

If you have questions or suggestions for website additions or subtractions, if you spot an error or if you just plain don’t understand something, please send us an email at info@betoncombat.com. We’ll do our best to get back to you.

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