Word from the Founder

Welcome to Bet on Combat, your Combat Sports Investing and Bankroll Management Specialist.

Congratulations on taking the first step to enjoying the life of living off a combat sports wagering income. 

Just in case you don’t know me, I want to take a few minutes to introduce myself. My name is Franco Richard better known as Francombat and I am the founder and Chief Investor Officer of the most unusual organization in the gaming sector. If you haven’t heard about me before, I am the guy from Montreal, Quebec who dropped out of college and started to bet his own money on the outcomes of fights and became a multi-millionaire by the age of 27. Yes you heard that right, betting thousands of dollars on combat sports. You may have heard the story how I turned $17,450 into a cool $3.7 Million dollars over a couple years (I've made more since then). Because of my success, I’ve been featured by every major business and financial media outlet and hired as oddsmaker and consultant for some of the world’s top sports books from Las Vegas to Antigua to Macau. I've also been on various radio stations, morning news shows, and television networks discussing combat sports betting.

I’m a huge fan of combat sports and have been since the early day of Mike Tyson and have followed all the MMA events since the sport got its start back in 1993. I was hooked. I couldn’t get enough of it. I spent countless hours watching my favorite fighters and learning about their every strength and weakness. So much so, that I had a ledger in which I'd pick who I thought would win a fight before it happened, mark the fighters name down in a book and keep stats on my performance! This was before I was even aware that you could bet on fights. I guess it could be said that I was born for this!

After years of debating with my buddies on topics ranging from who the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world is to who is going to win the upcoming heavyweight title fight, I wanted to create a forum where I could share my opinions on such topics as well as keep track records of my fight betting predictions and to aid my discipline. I also wanted to do something to help the credibility of the betting profession in general. I have always made predictions in my mind anyway. After a while I realized I was pretty good at it, so eventually I decided to write my pick down and share it with the world. And thus, BetonCombat.com was born.

People started noticing my results and talking about my story and before long I had people telling me they would be willing to pay for my fight picks. Instead of selling my predictions to the public, from my ability to predict the outcomes of fights success has led me to start the world's premier combat sports managed fund with its own set of guidelines (i.e. low risk, high risk, money lines, underdogs, etc.). I have envisioned this would once in for all bring legitimacy to the sports handicapping world. Instead of claiming great records and win percentages, we simply point to the performance of our fund. An investor in the fund would have the advantage of getting the best lines and built in money management. It did not take long for investors list to grow. In fact, those lucky enough to have tailed me since 2004 have won over 650 documented fights in that period of time. Transparency is paramount for someone in my position. I will never put out a play I didn't bet myself. I will never issue a play on a number I didn't get myself. My hedge fund went on to become recognized as an exciting new alternative to traditional investment. A client list of 100 "high net worth individuals" whose minimum bet is $5000.00 invested.

It took me a fair amount of capital to strike out on my own and have no other source of income. As a professional combat sports betting investor, I approach combat sports betting just like buying stocks, futures, options, or investing in general that is why I refer to combat sports betting as “Investing." I don’t like to use the word gambling much. As paradoxical as it sounds, I'm not a big proponent of gambling. I like to think when I wager it’s with a huge edge every time I make a play on a fight. Just like investing in the stock market I, as do all successful sports bettors, bet numbers, not fighters. This industry is about finding value, and thus the greater the advantage I feel I have, the stronger the stance I take with my bet size. As a rule of thumb I recommend my investors to only risk 1% to 5% of their bankroll on each play. By bankroll I mean the money a combat sports bettor set aside and is comfortable to use for betting purposes and not your whole bankroll.

When it comes to handicapping, I analyze every variable and aspect of a fight in an attempt to put each fighter on equal footing and I implement a smart bankroll management strategy to help my investors’s profit long term. When I score fights I score both who I think is winning and who "seems" like they're winning. As a 2-time Shuai Jiao Gold Medalist (Chinese-style wrestling) and Kuoshu-style Lei Tai fighting Silver Medalist, I feel I have a deeper understanding of the mental aspects of the fight game. Practicing martial arts allows me to obtain the most intricate details in every facet of the combat sports. My success is due to the hours I study footage on each fighter to ensure complete familiarity with their styles and tendencies, and because I follow the principles of sports investing. As long as a sports bettor can successfully pick 55% of his plays, I believe it can be a profitable investment. Next, all my predictions are systematically run through a coded system that rates every relevant aspect of a fight. This way there is both a human and computer element to my predictions, with 100% transparency, and one definite goal: provide the most accurate and profitable predictions. I’m not going to just say I’m a successful sports bettor, I’m going to show you. Lots of people claim to have an edge but few really do. I back up my investments with my own money. If I wasn’t successful I wouldn’t be able to sustain these types of investments over the long run.

Nowadays, I wouldn't call myself a "full time" bettor in a way I used to do, although I still keep an eye on the the next big fight event for good betting opportinities to consistently win money betting on fights. I've also enjoyed my money, traveling to over 70 countries and meeting and chatting with many of the world's most interesting and successful people. Here's an article I wrote back in August 2011 that outlined what a typical day in my life was like as combat sports fund manager.

With sportsbetting becoming more mainstream and the industry growing, I want to establish Bet on Combat as the standard. Consistently turning a profit, transparent and informative. With the passing of Senate Bill 443 it is now legal to create a sportbetting mutual fund in Las Vegas. I want to be the leader of this marketplace and show that combat sports betting is a legitimate investment by outperforming the major stock indexes, mutual funds and Etf’s, making sportbetting a real investment option for all.

The fund’s popularity inspired hundreds of daily emails from fans wanting to know more about me and my betting strategy. I am currently engaged in a forthcoming book project entitled “Investing on Combat Sports: Introducing the New Wall Street.” This is a book about my thoughts on combat sports betting, bets I've placed, why I placed them, why I gamble and mostly to share ideas on psychology and strategies and how probability affects our lives. I also discuss ideas for investments and provide an insight into a profession that is rarely acknowledged to exist and when it is, is misunderstood.

Remember that you always risk losing the money you bet, so do not spend more than you can afford to lose. If you think you may have a problem, click here.

Please tell your friends and colleagues about BetonCombat.com; the more bettors and investors, the more knowledgeable and profitable our community becomes.

Best of luck on your journey to become a profitable combat sports investor.

Franco Richard

Founder and Chief Investing Officer, Bet on Combat™

The Brand

Bet on Combat™ is a fast growing online gaming venture founded in 2000 by French Canadian entrepreneur Franco Richard also known as Francombat. Headquartered in the Caribbean nation of Antigua, Bet on Combat™ was first established in Taiwan as a combat sports betting consulting firm, where members were advised concerning who to bet on and how to bet them, similar to your stock broker advising you on which stock or fund to invest your money in. The Bet on Combat consulting firm sell combat sports betting advice to about hundreds of clients per week on average, advising more than 1 Million dollars worth of combat sports betting plays every week. These plays are hand selected by our team of experts and approved by Franco Richard, himself, along with his panel of associates. All final predictions are made by Franco Richard. So while the BetonCombat.com website was new back in 2004, the company behind it was not, having been online doing combat sports matchups, odds comparisons and other combat sports-related functionality since 2000. 

Our Story

In 2004, Bet on Combat's Founder Franco Richard started to record his predictions publicly. The first event recorded is UFC 46: Supernatural, January 31st, 2004, where Franco Richard CEO of Bet on Combat won $32,420.00, with 2 predictions for a total of $19,920.00.

Bet on Combat brand first entered public consciousness in 2007, when Franco, then a penny stock trader, turned his life savings of $37,000 into more than a quarter of million dollars betting on Matt Serra to win the UFC Welterweight Championship title at odds of 7 to 1 in April 7th 2007 at UFC 69: Shootout. Unlike most of his competitors, Franco chose to market himself as a face to what was up to that point a largely faceless industry. As the face of the Bet on Combat brand, Franco’s winning reputation increased in the mid-2000s as online gaming’s popularity surged. By 2005, Franco was Asia's biggest combat sports betting consultant, with an impressive client list of 100 "high net worth individuals" whose minimum bet was $5000. In the same year, Bet on Combat relocated its global headquarters from Taiwan to Antigua.

In January 2010, with $250,000 as a seed capital investment, Franco Richard established the world's premier combat sports managed fund in St-John, Antigua with a view to offer investors an alternative product to shares, bonds, property and other “traditional” investment vehicles and asset classes. Bet on Combat Investment Fund became accessible to external investors in January 2015. Surpassed $1 Million in cumulative bet volume since inception.

In January 2016, Franco announced that he'd retire from betting professionally in order to focus his time to make the traditional Lei Tai fighting a recognized professional combat sport. Despite his retirement as a full-time pro bettor and oddsmaker, Franco remain the company’s Chief Investment Officer.

The Bet on Combat brand has since entered into sponsorship deals with several up-and-coming boxers, mixed martial artists and Muay Thai fighters. Bet on Combat™ also signed a multi-year, multi-million dollars deal with the new professional combat sport Pro Lei Tai™ as an official sponsor, which is planned to make its promotional debut in May 2016.

The Social Network for Combat Sports Gaming

Since its inception, Bet on Combat™ has evolved into the premier combat sports bettors community of over 1,200 bettors worldwide who share their performance and bets openly. Now thanks to its private chat room, combat sports fans around the world can connect and interact with each other to discuss upcoming match-ups, odds, betting tips, predicitons, news, post fights and follow their favorite handicapping experts on the new social network for combat sports gamers. This means you can follow your mates and top ranked bettors, providing a very cool way to get authentic betting tips to improve your real money bets. By following winning bettors, logic implies you will become more successful. Plus, with profiles, leaderboards and monthly prizes, we make betting more fun! We are a community of over 1,000 bettors that is dedicated towards helping each other make money from betting on fights. Start posting your picks, gain followers, build your reputation.

BetonCombat.com also has a weekly fantasy combat sports games that offers consumers multi-player and head-to-head matchups for an entry fee. Cash payouts are awarded to the player that generates the most fantasy points with their fantasy team. Bet on Combat Fantasy hosts Boxing and MMA fantasy line-ups every week and will introduce a variety of other games in 2016. As of today - Bet on Combat™ has evolved into the premier combat sports bettors network with more than 400 members since its inception in 2004.

Sign up and get access to our official plays every weekend. 

For Investor Relations information, please visit: BetonCombat.com/Investing.


    •    Discover your favorite tipsters and follow their predictions. 

    •    Exchange information with other users and together beat the bookies.

    •    Publish your own predictions, track your progress and get valuable feedback from other bettors.

    •    Compete with the best combat sports bettors from all over the world and grab the chance to win real money each month

    •    Find trustworthy bookmakers by reading our impartial reviews.

Advanced Odds Comparison

Always getting the best odds is key to being a profitable combat sports bettor. The Bet on Combat odds comparison page has been carefully designed to provide bettors the latest combat sports betting lines from leading sportsbooks around the world. BetonCombat.com has naturally become the foremost authority online combat sports betting odds comparison service, and on all things related to the numbers around combat sports wagering since the site first went live in 2004. In addition, users can add any prediction to the odds tracker and Bet on Combat compares leading bookmakers to give you the best available odds for your money.

The Most Comprehensive Fighter Comparison

We have built the most comprehensive fighter comparison pages to give you a better, the bettors understanding of the two fighters at hand. Statistics provided by fightmetic the official statistic provider of Bet on Combat.

    •    Compare fighters based on their physical characteristics, fighting style and ranks.

    •    Summary of each fighter's current and historical betting odds.

    •    In-depth look each fighter's record and where they stand in their respective careers.

    •    Fight specific news and analysis from around the web.

The Fund

Bet on CombatAn Alternative Financial Investments

The Bet on Combat Investment Fund or short form BOC Fund is a pooled investment vehicle structured as an offshore fund corporation headquartered in the Caribbean nation of Antigua, and one of the world’s fastest growing destinations for income investing. The BOC Fund pool funds from investors and wager on combat sports markets, similar to investing in any other financial market via a mutual fund. Since its inception in 2010, the fund has clearly out-performed the benchmark Dow Jones for seven-straight years with a reported return on investment of +230% to investors. Importantly it has achieved this with a significantly lower risk profile. Now people have even more options when it comes to investing funds. The Company aims to position itself as an innovator in the Alternative Investment Management sector. 

Founded in 2010 by professional combat sports bettor and oddsmaker Franco Richard also known as Francombat, the BOC Fund™ was created with a view to offer investors an alternative product to shares, bonds, property and other “traditional” investment vehicles and asset classes. From his ability to predict the outcomes of fights, Franco Richard identified the opportunity to secure superior returns through the application of mainstream portfolio and investment management techniques to the burgeoning markets of combat sports betting investment. He figured that if he could develop a combat sports betting picks system in which long losing streaks were avoided, and then managed their risk by betting accordingly, he could use the combat sports betting market to achieve his financial goals. “I look at statistics and records and I basically find out when I can get the most return by betting on combat sports. Some have said this is like gambling but its not. We don’t do anything different than the investment banks trading equity,” Franco said.

Bet on Combat Investment Fund was established in January 2010 and was opened to external investors in January 2015. The betting fund is made available only to certain sophisticated or accredited investors and cannot be offered or sold to the general public. As such, the Combat Sports Investment Fund avoid direct regulatory oversight, bypass licensing requirements applicable to investment companies, and operate with greater flexibility than mutual funds and other investment funds.

The fund is administered by a board of advisors assembled into a combat sports betting consulting group. The goal of each advisor is to target opportunities they believe provide the biggest advantage in terms of the win percentage odds from the combat sports betting market. Just like your stock broker takes its commission, the Bet on Combat Investment Fund will receive a performance fee of 30% of any investment return above the initial investment (payable bi-annually in arrears). These plays are hand selected by our team of experts and approved by Franco Richard, himself, along with his panel of associates. All final picks are made by Franco Richard.

The Combat Sports Investment Fund is part of Richard Funds, a subsidiary of Francombat Management, LLC., the holding company who owns and operates a collective investment portfolio of businesses. The company is headquartered in the Caribbean nation of Antigua. Franco Richard personally own 60% of the betting hedge fund and invests in every mandate of the Combat Sports Investment Fund.

We do not advertise for this service at all so if you are interested in finding out the details please call us immediately and schedule a time when one of the Bet on Combat's representative can call you back and see if you qualify to be a part of our Private Investors Group.


Private Investors Group requirements:

    1.    You must have the ability to invest at least $1,000.00. If you cannot afford this investment, then this is not for you.

    2.    You will need a cell phone that has email and/or text capability.

    3.    You will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement or promise via electronic correspondence to not share the confidential Information you will receive as a Private Investor Member.

If you think you qualify and you would like to work with the best, you can join via this website or you can call today directly to speak with one of our Combat Sports and Financial Advisors for a confidential discussion at 514.705.3366 to learn more about this Private Investors Group Membership.

To apply, please click on the apply now button below.


Value Betting Investment Philosophy

Bet on Combat's philosophy is to provide an economy proof investment alternative to traditional products such as stocks, bonds, real estate and other “traditional” investment vehicles and asset classes. Bet on Combat Investment Fund (BOC Fund) strives to be the most transparent and accurate source of value-bet combat sports prediction.

Betting odds represent the bettors' perception of value, not actual value. Our betting systems are able to pinpoint and exploit pricing opportunities created by the irrationality of sports bettors, and the need for sportsbooks to balance their risk exposure. By examining 20+ years of betting line data with our proprietary betting trends, we've developed profitable betting strategies based on cutting edge "market efficiency" economic theory. 

Bet on Combat Founder Franco Richard was a professional combat sports bettor and oddsmaker long before he became the public figure you know today. From his humble beginnings through his extraordinary success as a businessman, he has adhered to the same simple investment philosophy: Approach the combat sports betting market no different than financial markets.

Franco’s philosophy makes good sense. Since its inception in 2010, the BOC Fund has clearly out-performed the benchmark Dow Jones and S&P 500 indices, and yielded profitable results for investors. Importantly it has achieved this with a significantly lower risk profile. Additionally, the fund grew by 363%, which means we had doubled the initial capital over a time period of two years and tripled over a period of five years. (figure 1.0). Don't believe the hype? Check out our documented betting track record on betoncombat.com/performance, and see for yourself.

In a time of minimal or negative returns on mutual funds, RRSPs, real estate and other conventional holdings, The BOC Fund delivers 10-15% ROI per month. That translates into 60%-70% ROI over the course of a year. And while new to financial thinking, returns like that simply can't be ignored. Bet on Combat Investment Fund will make you more money in a month than the stock market in a year. 

We urge members to treat their wagering account like a high-performance alternative investment vehicle. By remaining consistent with our principles and philosophy, we measure success with long-term perspective. 

Year Bet on Combat Dow Jones S&P 500
2008 42% -38.2% -44.8%
2009 48% 18.8% 23.5%
2010 79% 10.4% 12.0%
2011 45% 5.5% 0.01%
2012 68% 7.3% 13.4%
2013 55% 26.5% 29.6%
2014 52% 7.5% 11.4%

Advisory Board

Bet on Combat™ Management and Investment team are comprised of former financial advisors, oddsmakers, journalists, pro fighters, and trainers, who study and analyze every fighter and every fight event to develop better information, make smarter predictions and win more money! They know what's going on inside the training camp. They know who wants it more, who's injured and who's out for revenge? They analyze upcoming match ups to find out how two fighters really compare. As Professional combat sports betting consultants, they look at combat sports betting just like buying stocks, futures, options, or investing in general. The bottom line is: they give bettors advice that are about as close as you can get to inside trading the stock market. Unlike many other investment funds, our Fund Managers have a substantial investment in the Fund - aligning their interests with yours.

Our handicapping experts are also regular contributors to the Bet on Combat Chatroom, a great resource and meeting place for sharp combat sports bettors. Additionally, each combat sports handicapper contributes to a variety of articles filled with the research, statistics, and analysis needed to turn any combat sports betting opportunity into a profitable investment.

We Are Professional Combat Sports Betting Consultants: To us, the word “ Bet on Combat” means Saturday Fight Night. We’re on the edge of our seats every weekend. We’ve been up, we’ve been down, We’ve celebrated, we’ve been devastated. We wouldn’t have it any other way. And sometimes, against all odds, against all logic, we still hope.

The Bet on Combat Board of Directors and Advisors currently consists of the following executives:

Franco Richard – Founder, Chief Investment Officer

Franco Richard, better known as Francombat, is the Founder of the Bet on Combat gaming brand and Chief Investment Officer of Bet on Combat Investment Fund, as well as a dedicated income investor and successful entrepreneur. If you haven’t heard about him before, he is the guy from Montreal, Quebec who dropped out of college and started to bet his own money on the outcomes of fights and became a multi-millionaire by the age of 27.

Starting at the age of 25, Franco broke into the gambling industry by working for one of the biggest bookmaker in Asia, where he learned all the good, the bad and the ugly being both a oddsmaker and handicapper. This laid the foundation that gave him the invaluable perspective of how lines are set, line movements, how public perception affects the line, and the ability to spot value.

In 2004, Franco founded online gaming venture Bet on Combat™, a company that provides its clients with advice on who to bet on and how to bet them, similar to a stock broker advising its client on which stock or fund to invest their money in. By 2005, Franco was Asia's biggest combat sports betting consultant, with an impressive client list of 100 "high net worth individuals" whose minimum bet was $5000. In the same year, Franco relocated its global headquarters from Taiwan to Antigua with the dream of making it big in the industry. Franco's first notable cash was in 2004, when he placed his life saving money of 17,450 on fellow French Canadian prospect Georges St-Pierre at UFC 46: Supernatural and doubled his money. He then had the $37,000 bank roll to start his combat sports betting career. Then, three year later he made international news in the spring of 2007 when he won more than a quarter million dollars ($259,000.00 to be exact) betting on Matt Serra to win the UFC Welterweight title at odds of 7-1 at UFC 69: Shootout.

In response to the erratic nature of mainstream financial markets, Franco identified the opportunity to secure superior returns through the application of mainstream portfolio and investment management techniques to the burgeoning markets of combat sports betting investment, leading to the establishment of the world's premier combat sports managed fund. In January 2010, with $250,000 as a seed capital investment, Franco established the Bet on Combat Investment Fund (BOC Fund) in St-John, Antigua with a view to offer investors an alternative product to shares, bonds, property and other “traditional” investment vehicles and asset classes. Under his leadership, the investment fund has grown to nearly $1,3 million in assets under management within five years. 

With unconventional business approaches, Franco has firmly established himself in the online gambling industry as the go-to experts on how to make money betting on fights. And has the longest running and most profitable combat sports betting tips record in the industry. He has proven that it's possible to become filthy rich outside Wall Street, and wagers over $100,000 a week on fights.

Nowadays, Franco doesn't earn his money only from combat sports betting. In the business world, Franco Richard is known as the Chairman and CEO of Francombat Management, an asset management firm and holding company who owns and operates a collective investment portfolio of businesses out of Antigua. Prior to forming Francombat, Franco worked as a stock trader and venture capital across a range of industries in the Canadian, U.S. and International markets.

Franco’s successful story inspired hundreds of daily emails from fans wanting to know more about him and his betting strategy. He is currently engaged in a forthcoming book project entitled “Investing on Combat Sports: Introducing the New Wall Street.” 

This journey has provided him with a great lifestyle and financial freedom. Despite his success, Franco never forgot his humble upbringing. Throughout his Unfightable Foundation, Franco give back to various charities from around the world.

Mr. Richard hold a degree in Health and Nutrition.

Philippe Dupuis – Chief Executive Officer

Philippe Dupuis is the Chief Executive Officer of Bet on Combat Investment Fund and Consulting Services, and brings over 25 years of investment experience including 15 years on Wall Street in global mergers & acquisitions, capital markets and investment management. Dupuis is responsible for overseeing the execution of Combat Sports Investment Fund’s strategy and management of the business, working closely with key service providers such as lawyers, auditors, betting exchanges and bookmakers. Dupuis has co-authored papers on topics including sports investing, derivatives, enhanced indexation, securities lending, hedge funds and the secret of Franco Richard’s combat sports investing acumen. He also initiated BOC’s international growth and its introduction of mutual funds as well as the creation of the “Bet on Combat learning" article series.

Mr. Dupuis is a graduate of Concordia University in International Business.

Michael Lynch – Chief Risk Officer

Michael Lynch is the Chief Risk Officer of Bet on Combat Investment Fund and is the executive accountable for enabling the efficient and effective governance of significant risks and reward, and related opportunities, to the business and its various segments. His primary responsibilities are the development of combat sport-specific databases and working with the CIO and analysts to develop sports specific algorithms that can be used for primary betting and trading. Lynch also work alongside other senior executives such as with the chief compliance officer and chief financial officer, dealing with topics regarding insurance, internal auditing, corporate investigations, fraud, and information security. His main priority is to ensure that the organization is in full compliance with applicable regulations and to analyze all risk related issues. Lynch is an expert on gaming models and has published peer reviewed articles on statistical models of combat sports. His latest model was presented at the 15th annual conference on gaming in Las Vegas. 

Mr Lynch holds a PhD in statistics from UCLA.

Stephen Arnault – Chief Compliance Officer

Stephen Arnault is Bet on Combat's Chief Legal Officer and Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). He is primarily responsible for all legal affairs and regulatory compliance within the organization. 

Mr. Arnault was first appointed to the Board as a non-executive director in January 2010 and Chairman of the Audit Committee of BOC Fund’s Investment Group. Mr. Arnault has extensive knowledge of international financial markets gained from experience at leading global financial institutions in a career spanning 30 years. Stephen currently serves as the Chairman of Global Holdings Limited in Los Angeles, California.

Mr. Arnault holds both a B.A. in Economics and an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Jason Lee - Oddsmaker

Jason Le is the leading oddsmaker of Bet on Combat™, a respected combat sports betting professional with over 15 years of experience consulting with the industry’s most successful online sportsbooks. He also served as a consultant for Lee Capital Partners and on the board of directors of the Center for Research in Security Prices at the University of Taipei. Le create line for professional combat sports such as boxing, kick-boxing, and MMA. He specializes in finding errors in the oddsmakers lines and advice the Board accordingly. His statistical analysis is beyond any handicapper in the world. That means you’ll get better odds, more exciting prop bets, and a better sportsbook experience all around. Before joining Bet on Combat, Le was pursuing a Ph.D. in applied mathematics at Washington, where his research interests ranged from mathematical physics to quantitative methods for sports handicapping.

Le currently reside in Los Angeles, California.

Evan Young – Boxing Analyst

Evan Young covers the sport of professional boxing from a betting perspective for Bet on Combat. Young has a long history of success with winning client's money. Young began handicapping boxing in the late 1980’s, which included over a decade of regular Las Vegas junkets in order to get down on the boxing action. In fact, Young was providing analysis and predictions before the Internet even opened up wagering options. Young, began online gaming in the early 2000’s, and in 2005 developed one of the first Boxing handicapping sites on the internet. Since January 2015, Young, a former lawyer from Brockton, Massachusetts, works closely with Bet on Combat Founder and Chief Investment Officer Franco Richard best known as Francombat to find value bets on the sport of professional boxing. BetonCombat.com handicapping boxing expert Evan Young brings more than 30 years of knowledge, contacts and insights to bettors. Whether it's reporting on how Vegas sports bettors are picking a fight or revealing the reasons behind a sudden line move, Young has become one of the authorities on boxing odds-related news. 

Young holds a Juris Doctor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts Law School.

Chad Sung – Mixed Martial Arts Analyst

Chad Sung is the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Analyst for BetonCombat.com. Born into a traditional and humble family, Sung has been a Kung Fu practitioner since his early childhood. Sung brings a new, youthful, cutting edge approach to Combat sports betting for BetonCombat.com. Sung first became interested in betting while he was still in college pursuing a finance degree. Unfortunately, Sung lost 80% of his capital by 2013 due to lack of discipline and his failure to manage his bankroll. Sung joined the BetonCombat.com consulting service in hopes of finding the tools he needed to broaded his betting style. Over the years he has learned from mistakes, had numerous conversations with industry leading handicappers and formulated his own strategy. He has used the aforementioned data to become an elite MMA Analyst in his own right. In the 2 years since becoming Bet on Combat Founder Franco Richard first apprentice, Sung has now turned $2500,00 into $104,000 in betting profits.

Sung is a graduate of Concordia University in Business from Montreal.

Mongkut Prasong – Muay Thai Analyst

Mongkut Prasong covers Muay Thai for BetonCombat.com from a betting perspective. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Prasong has been involved in Muay Thai since the age of 5 when his grand-father introduced him to the art of the eight limbs. At eighteen year old, he was forced to enroll in the Thai army. After a particular brutal mission, he ultimately decided to quite the army and focus on Muay Thai. Prasong first entered the world of betting in 2010 when he joined Bet on Combat as a subscriber. He now has 5 years of betting experience and plays a large role in the operation of Bet on Combat. Prasong is an active bettor and trading education advocate who splits his time between betting on fights and creating educational content for members of the BetonCombat.com community. Prasong is also one of the greatest cash game players in DFS history.

Prasong hold a Bachelor degree of Communication from the University of Bankok.

Richard Rider – Portfolio Manager & Senior Analyst

Richard Rider is one of the top up-and-coming MMA handicappers in the business. Rider started at BetonCombat.com back in 2015 as the website’s social media manager and within a year was given the opportunity to be a full-time handicapper. Rider is also the head moderator of the Bet on Combat chat room where he share a wealth of inside with members. Richard Rider first started betting on MMA in 2013 without having much luck in the market. Until 2015, Rider lost all of his capital several times trying different strategies. By the end of that year, looking to expand his betting knowledge, Rider joined BetonCombat.com Consulting Service and began learning Franco Richard's strategy he uses today. After just 2 weeks, he knew he found something special after seeing Franco’s consistently profitable betting. Eventually, Rider started studying vigorously and developed his own niche strategy to focus on total and propositions. Rider’s betting style is now based on total and propositions bet and he had his best year in 2015.

Rider was born and raised in Belleville, Michigan, which is where he still resides.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wonder how you can bet on combat sports? Where can Canadians or Americans bet on Boxing or MMA? Tired of googling whether this sportsbook has lines for this fight? This is a reference guide for any questions you might have regarding betting on combat sports online. 

Consequently, we get dozens of e-mails each week from people asking us all kinds of stuff about what we do and how we do it. So what we've done here is taken the top of the questions that we get the most and tried to answer them as simply as we can to make things easier for you.

The following section details the answers to commonly asked questions regarding how to Get Started, the Consulting Service, Money Management, and the Combat Sports Investment Fund. Should you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Bet on Combat 

What is Bet on Combat?

Bet on Combat is a social network for combat sports gaming enthusiasts to share their knowledge and enhance their own betting expertise. The website encompasses a wide range of products and services all designed to help improve your betting results.

Bet on Combat two major lines of business are:

Consulting service

The Bet on Combat Consulting Service (BOC Consulting) aim to advise casual and professional bettors  concerning who to bet on and how to bet them, similar to your stock broker advising you on which stock or fund to invest your money in. We advise more than 1 million dollars worth of combat sports betting plays every week.

Investment Fund

The Bet on Combat Investment Fund (BOC Fund) caters to people who do not follow the combat sports but wishes to invest in the combat sports Investment Fund because they recognized our proven high returns profitability. The BOC Fund pool funds from investors and wager on combat sports markets, similar to investing in any other financial market via a mutual fund. We provide alternative investment to hundreds to new investors in Canada and around the world and manage close to 2 million dollars in capital net worth from our investors.

Our renowned blog featuring well known combat sports writers, and of course, the hugely popular tipster competition whereby members compete for monthly prizes based on their ability to predict the outcomes of fights. Tips placed by tipsters for the monthly competition are available for anyone to view which means that you can be safe in the knowledge that they are serious tips allowing you to make an informed decision of which fighter to invest your money on.

Getting Started

How to Bet on Combat sports? 

To Learn How to Bet on Fights, you can read our Free Betting Guide right here. You can also buy the book "Investing on Combat Sports: introducing the New Wall Street”. You will find Bet on Combat Founder Franco Richard's personal Strategy, tips and much more. 

Why can I never find your book in any bookstore?

Because bookstores are horrible places to sell books—30-40% of all books are returned and the margins bad. The book is available exclusively online at Amazons because online selling is the future as it’s much more efficient and profitable for publishers.

Where to Bet? 

If you're looking for a place to bet on combat sports, consider signing up through us at BetonCombat.com/Bookmakers. Join today to take advantage of all our great offers. Our many years of experience guarantee you a superior betting service. You can follow all the opening Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA betting odds at the biggest sports books in the industry on BetonCombat.com’s Live Odds page.

Bet on Combat not only keeps track of all the combat sports betting lines and betting odds but also monitors sharp and steam lines moves, giving you instant access to live odds from 20-plus reputable sports books, all handpicked and certified as reliable outlets by Franco Richard himself.

Should I have more than one sports book? 

It certainly doesn't hurt to have accounts at multiple books. In fact, that's a great practice of a professional bettor: it allows you to do what we call line shopping (aka looking for the best price on a given event). Serious bettors will likely have accounts at 4-5 books or more. For example, one book might find Sean Salmon at +500 on one site (meaning for every $1 risked you would win $5) and +450 on another ($4.50 for every $1 risked). You'd obviously want to shop and get the best price, namely the +500 line. Otherwise you're just leaving money on the table. 

Can I wager on other sports? 

Of course, the sport books we recommend, allow you to wager on a variety of sports such as football, horse races, tennis, basketball, etc.

Do you guys get a "kickback" of any sort from Sportsbooks or any other advertising entity at this site?

Absolutely Not. We have no partnerships, endorsements or sponsorships with any sportsbooks in any way, shape or form. We intentionally avoid those types of relationships due to the inherent conflict of interest they present.  So, any sportsbooks display on BetonCombat.com are for information purpose only and their odds through a purchased syndicated feed.

Is this safe? 

Thousands of bettors have enjoyed betting on sports via the internet. The sport books we recommend have paid out millions in winnings. Remember these sportsbooks are not fly by night businesses looking to scam a few thousand dollars from one person. This is a billion dollar industry and they have all built there business on gaining your trust and the trust of big players. Each one has at least a decade of history behind them and you should feel secure moving your money in and out of any of these books.


How do I get started?

Registering with Bet on Combat is free, quick and easy. To sign up and become a member of Bet on Combat click here.

Once you have registered, use the side navigation bar to browse through our services. If you are looking for betting tips you should head straight for our consulting section.

If you are looking to improve your betting knowledge, both beginners and more experienced bettors will find something useful in our betting academy

Also make sure you visit the Most Comprehensive Fighter Comparison — a valuable statistical database on every single fight match-up on planet earth, helping you predict the outcomes of fights and improve your betting chances.

Visit our bookmaker for detailed info on a wide range of online services catering for your betting needs and, of course, post your own predictions to compete in our popular monthly tipster competitions.

Why do I need to sign up?

By signing up and becoming a member of Bet on Combat you will instantly become part of one of the world’s largest betting communities and have instant and free access to our wide range of services plus the ability to:

    •    post your own predictions

    •    participate in tipster competitions

    •    follow other tipsters

    •    receive notifications

    •    place bets on their tips

    •    contact us via our community support gateway
In addition to other exclusive content and services.

Do I need to post predictions to use Bet on Combat?

No. Posting predictions is not a prerequisite for using other services. If you have signed up to Bet on Combat you are under no obligation to join the conversation in the chatroom, participate in any competition or use any other service we offer which you are not interested in but remember all current tips are available for everyone to view.

How can I change my profile settings?

You can adjust your profile settings by entering ‘settings’ from your profile icon in the top right hand corner or by clicking here.

Is it possible to change my username?

Bet on Combat is designed to be a betting community therefore we encourage our users to stick to their usernames so people become familiar with other users but if you really must change your username you have to send us a request. It can take up to a week to change however so be patient.

What is a Verified profile?

A Bet on Combat verified profile is a recognition that is given by Bet on Combat, which means that the profile is authentic. The verified profile contains a gold badge beside the name of profile. 

Verified badges must be applied by Twitter, and accounts that use a badge as a part of profile photos, background photos, or in any other way that implies verified status, are subject to permanent account suspension.

How do I get verified?

To become a verified profile you must first prove that you are a real individual. If you think your account should be verified, let us know by email. A verified badge does not imply an endorsement by Bet on Combat.

Benefits of Verified Bet on Combat Profile:

    •    Your Fan will attract more people to follow your profile

    •    People will trust with your posted information

    •    Verified Bet on Combat Profile increase fan following

    •    Profile reach is more of Verified Bet on Combat Profiles

    •    And many more

How do I delete my profile?

It is possible to delete your own profile. To do this go to your settings and select the delete tab. You will be prompted for your password to confirm the request which will remove all tips placed under that username. Once a profile is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. 

Posting predictions

How do I post predictions?

To post tips you must first register with BetonCombat.com. Then click on ‘post tip’ in the top right corner of the bettingexpert website. On the first screen of the post tip form you can select your event by either manual search or begin typing the teams/players involved and select from the drop-down menu. Once you have found your desired event proceed to the next screen where you can input the details of your prediction.

Select your bet category, bet type and other prediction specifics. Note: some options only become available when selecting certain bet categories and bet types. Next you must select your desired stake. Odds are automatically added once your tip has been entered, with the highest odds at the top of the list.

The final stage of post predictions to support the prediction with an analysis. See the sections on analyses below for more details.

The final screen is a confirmation of your tip.

For full details about the rules of the tipster competition click here.

What happens if I make a mistake in my prediction? e.g. I selected the wrong bet type.

You should always double check your predictions before you submit them and you should consider our predictions as you would if you placed the same bet with a bookmaker -- would you expect the bookmaker to change your bet after it was placed because you made a mistake?

Can I delete a prediction?

Tipsters are not allowed to delete predictions and even if you claim a mistake was made, predictions will not be deleted by Bet on Combat unless it is under extreme circumstances, for example, we suspect cheating. Similarly, and for obvious reasons, predictions cannot be deleted after an event has taken place. Eliminating the prospect of deleting predictionhs also helps us achieve our golden rule of transparency ensuring that all information that appears on bettingexpert is made in good faith. Please be certain your prediction is correct before you post it.

Do I have to manually update results of matches?

No. Our new post prediction system automatically updates the results of events so once you have placed a prediction you don't have to do anything further. Note: in rare circumstances, such as rare bet types in smaller markets, events might not be automatically updated and will either have to be manually updated by the tipster or by Bet on Combat.

Can I post tips in different languages?

You are allowed to post tips in different languages but please note that predictions will only contribute towards that language’s respective competition. The exception to this is the Tipster of the Year competition which is awarded to the tipster that generates the most profit over a year in all tips posted regardless of the language the tips are posted in.

Can I post the same tip in different languages?

No, you are not allowed to post the same tip twice even if it is in a different language. Previously, tipsters were able to translate tips so they were available for different however the rules have changed now since the introduction of the new post tip system so that translations are not enabled any further.

Am I allowed to post more than one prediction per match?

Tipsters are permitted to post more than one prediction in the same match, however, the predictions must be in different markets and the combined total of the stakes for that match must not exceed 10. The purpose of this rule is that tipsters are unable to stake more than 10 on any tip but also allows them a bit of freedom to tip on other markets. The same rule applies for tips placed on the same event but across different languages - the total tip on any one event across all languages must not exceed 10 units. Please remember that if you do decide to post predictions on multiple markets of the same event, the analyses must be different and relevant for that specific prediction.

This means for example that if you wanted to post an 8-unit tip on a home victory for a particular event you are not allowed to post more than 2-units on a different market in the same event. This would take the total to 10-units. Note: this would not count as a 10-unit stake and will not contribute to the 10% rule for 10-unit tips.

There is an exception to this rule in Golf, Horse Racing and Motor Sports whereby tipsters are allowed to post up to 10 units on a win market in addition to a further combined 10 units in any other markets other than the win market. The reason for this exception is that these single events feature many competitors and so we don't want tipster to be too restricted in these markets which can sometimes only happen once a year.

Why can’t I place a tip less than 30 minutes before an event?

We want to give users browsing tips enough time to make an informed decision about whether to follow a tip before the event begins.

What do I do if I see a mistake in a tip?

If you think a tipster has made a mistake in a tip make sure you report the tip to us using our Report Tip feature found in the top right hand corner of the respective tip's page. There are several options to choose from or alternatively select the 'other' category and manually input what you think is wrong with the tip.

What do I do if I suspect a user is attempting to cheat in their tip?

If you suspect another tipster is cheating or gaining an unfair advantage then please report them immediately here. Please be aware that it is not a good idea to publicly accuse other tipsters of cheating particularly if you don't have sufficient evidence to support your claim so always give them the benefit of the doubt. We appreciate all the help we can get from our community in regulating tipster behaviour.

Consulting Service

What exactly do you guys do?

We are Professional Combat Sports Betting Consultants. We assess the outcome of combat sports matches on behalf of our clients, similar to your stock broker advising you on which stock or fund to invest your money in. Although no one can predict the future and be 100% right all the time, we have a system that works and keeps our accuracy percentage high. Over the past ten years we’ve established ourselves as clear market leaders while continuing to innovate to stay ahead of an increasingly competitive market. Our success is built on unparalleled betting expertise combined with an outstanding IT platform. In short, Bet on Combat Consulting sells combat sports betting advice to hundreds of clients per week on average, advising more than 1 Million dollars in combat sports plays every week.

What is Bet on Combat Consulting?

Bet on Combat is the #1 combat sports handicapping service in the world!

With a proven systematic approach and a profitable bankroll management framework, BOC Consulting helps sports bettors improve their bottom-line by providing profitable predictions. All predictions advised by our expert handicappers are backed by extensive research, experience and insight obtained through Bet on Combat’ vast network.
The vast majority of sports bettors lose in the long term. Some do better than others and a few even enjoy brief periods of success. However, in the long run, most lose thousands of dollars because they are unaware of the many subtleties of the sports betting market. Experience and expertise make all the difference when it comes to being on the correct side of the game and that's where BOC Consulting excels. By following our exact predictions combined with a proven bankroll management system, you are bound to have more success betting on combat sports than ever before!
Every day our team of experts studies the scheduled fights from all possible angles to identify and capitalize on the best investment opportunities that yields the best odds to profit. Clients view the daily picks by logging into our exclusive Members Area. All predictions are accompanied by an in-depth analysis that explains the rationale behind them.

What separates you from the rest?

Bet on Combat™ Investment Fund is not a sports handicapping service; handicappers only provide you with picks. We don't make "Gold selections" or "10-star picks" or "locks of the week". We don't guarantee 100% of our picks will be correct -- that's just not realistic. Like successful money managers, we manage risk to produce the highest probability of a profitable outcome. (And unlike sports handicappers, we ensure that our clients and investors know how to manage their money, all according to the exclusive Combat Sports Investment Fund system.).

We are not your normal sports handicapping company. We are part of a large Sports Syndicate Group. What that means to you is we bring you the same plays that the “Sharp Money” is betting. The lines in Las Vegas are always changing on a daily basis. But where did the line movement come from? That is what you need to know. If it came from the general public or did it come from a Syndicate Group betting big?

Las Vegas does not worry about the average joe betting. They fear the Syndicate Groups who move large amounts of cash on certain fights at certain times. So when that line moves you need to know who moved it.

Why use Bet on Combat?

There is no other handicapper out there that puts his money where his mouth is like Franco Richard. Other cappers may say "take Rory McDonald at -250 but Franco Richard would say take the McDonald at -250 and he will bet 20k plus on it with you. He backs his bets up with real money.

Anyone can claim to offer good advice but how many can prove it? Most promise the world but fall well short and have no verified evidence of prior success. 
Numerous factors have contributed to making BOC the most reputable brand in the industry. The biggest advantages that set us apart from our competitors are:

100% Transparent & Verified Results

Our Performance page displays every BOC prediction released, win or lose. The table on the left shows yearly profit to date with figures updated daily. We firmly believe in posting all past results because we know that smart investors do not expect to win each and every night, but instead look at the big picture. In an industry where false promises and exaggerated claims are rampant, an honest and accurate record demonstrates Bet on Combat’ commitment to integrity and long-term excellence. Simply scroll up and down the performance page and click any green or gray entry to view that weekend’s picks and analyses.
All picks are tracked and verified by an independent 3rd party handicapping monitoring service and released with lines and odds that are widely available at the time of posting.

Expert In-Depth Analysis

BOC employs the industry’s leading handicappers who research, analyze and evaluate each day’s scheduled games. All posted predictions are accompanied by a detailed expert write-up giving BOC members an insider’s look into the rationale behind each wager. Click HERE to view an example!

Superior Returns Over All Other Investment Types

BOC has consistently outperformed all other types of traditional investments available in the market each year. This includes but is not limited to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and alternative investments (i.e. commodity, Forex, real estate, derivatives). Throughout the years, BOC has delivered an average annual return of 49.28% to their investors, with our most recent year (2015) being the best year so far generating a return of 82.1%.

Best Handicappers in the Industry

A large part of BOC’ success is a reflection of the industries leading handicappers we employ. The knowledge, experience, insight and vast network of our experts creates an “edge” for BOC that has led us to become the worlds best handicap service!

A Proven and Profitable Bankroll Management System

Bankroll is a fundamental part of being a profitable sports investor. Long term combat sports investors understand that in the short term there is no escaping the ups and downs of this industry, which we call “variance”. However, with a proven and profitable bankroll management system, it will allow them to sustain the short term variances and at the same time ensure profitability in the long run. BOC takes the legwork out for our clients by telling them the exact percentages to wager on each game that yields the most optimal return while keeping risk to a minimum.

Highly Selective

BOC has always emphasized quality over quantity in their game selections. With hundreds of games being played each day, our experts are only interested in the ones where they see an “edge”. BOC’ ability to consistently identify and capitalize only on the games that offers the best value for their money has resulted in an average annual return of 49.28% over the years!

What’s the difference between the consulting service and the combat sports investment fund?

The Consulting Service firm sell combat sports betting advice to about 250 to 500 clients per week, advising around 1 million dollars worth of betting plays per month. These plays are hand selected by our team of experts and approved by Franco Richard, himself, along with his panel of associates. All final picks are made by Franco Richard.

The Combat Sports Investment Fund is a pooled investment vehicle structured as an offshore fund corporation headquartered in the Caribbean nation of Antigua, and one of the world’s fastest growing destinations for income investing. Since its inception in 2010, the fund has clearly out-performed the benchmark Dow Jones for seven-straight years with a reported return on investment of +230% to investors. Importantly it has achieved this with a significantly lower risk profile. Over 90% of our advisory service members also invest in the Combat Sports Investment Fund because they are interested in maximizing their Return on Investment.

Who is the team behind Bet on Combat?

Bet on Combat™ Management and Investment team are comprised of former financial advisors, oddsmakers, journalists, pro fighters, and trainers, who study and analyze every fighter and every fight event to develop better information, make smarter predictions and win more money! They know what's going on inside the training camp. They know who wants it more, who's injured and who's out for revenge? They analyze upcoming match ups to find out how two fighters really compare. As Professional combat sports betting experts, they look at combat sports betting just like buying stocks, futures, options, or investing in general. The bottom line is: they give members/bettors advice that are about as close as you can get to inside trading the stock market.

We're proud of our team and continue to search for exceptional talent to help us stay ahead of the fight game.

Read more about us.

Is this legal?
Betting on combat sports (as long as you are betting and not bookmaking) is legal in most states and jurisdictions. There is no wagering on this website or within our affiliate program, it is 100% legal in the United States and Canada. Be sure to check your national and local laws if you have any specific concerns, but all we are selling is prediction information. This is not a legal advice. If you have any serious concerns regarding the legality of Bet on Combat as applicable to your participation or specific situation, it is recommended you consult with professional legal counsel.

Do I place my bets through your website?

No. Our services include educating clients on safe money management and providing winning picks backed by extensive research and experience. What the client then does with that information is entirely up to them. Where and how you choose to place the bets is not related to BOC and it is the sole responsibility of each individual to comply with their local governing laws. That being said, clients are recommended to use a sportsbook that offers “reduced juice” in order to maximize profit.

How can I work for Bet on Combat?

We're proud of our team and continue to search for exceptional talent to help us stay ahead of the fight game.

You can see our currently advertised jobs here

Why consensus handicapping instead of having a few single handicappers?

We believe consensus handicapping is by far the best way to be successful. Too often individuals struggle because their time and resources are limited. In a team environment we are able to "leave no stone unturned". We can explore the entire statistical factors in our system, monitor all injury reports, and search through all of the detailed history.

Does this included a money management program?

Absolutely! If you don’t imply proper money management you will never have success in this game. Part of what you pay for is our expertise in money management. After your purchase, we do a full bankroll and portfolio analysis. Everyone does this once at the beginning and periodically after that if needed due to massive growth. After that, we store the information to be tracked with you as you progress and improve your bankroll and capital. We’ll tell you exactly how to bet each week every bet we release based on a bankroll percentage Strength system. It’s quite simple yet excruciatingly important to your success. We suggest giving us a call to discuss this. For a detailed analysis of our money management principles, as well as on how to use our bankroll-rated system, please visit the “Money Management” link found on the Investing page.

Is this a chase/progressive system?

Absolutely NOT and we STRONGLY advise against ALL such systems. The fact that SPS has generated positive returns year after year is a testament to the disciplined approach employed in their bets. In particular, “chasing” is definitely not part of the bankroll management framework engineered by BOC. Keep in mind that BOC places money alongside each fight we advise and for much greater amounts than the average client. Thus, BOC has the fiduciary duty to ensure long term profit for both our clients and BOC. Chase/progressive systems are ultimately unsustainable in the long run despite any short-term gains.

How are predictions released?

All plays are released in the member section. Just sign with username & password you chose. No waiting for emails, text or calls. You may also sign up for our Real time alert via email, SMS (text message) service for maximum convenience, which is free and recommended. Each day you can access predictions at BetonCombat.com with your login and password you created during registration. You may also choose to provide your phone number to receive the picks each day directly to your cell phone via text.

When are the predictions released?

Predictions, if there is any, would be posted in the members area between Monday Noon up to an 1 hours after the weigh-in. Market conditions ultimately determine when we release predictions to our private clients. Honestly, these times can be earlier or later due to waiting on information, line movement, line value, and injuries. We advise you to monitor you text messages on your cell phone and check in on BetonCombat.com/predictions whichever is easier for you.

You will receive an email notification once the picks have been posted in the Members Area. In addition, a tweet will also be made to notify clients. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the latest updates.

How are predictions chosen?

Fight picks are all our advisors board consensus selections. At noon every monday live on Skype, our Round Table Handicappers sit down and discuss only the fights in which they see an advantage and make decisions which lead to the impressive yet inexpensive winning plays. We do not use algorithms or formulas. We do not rely heavily on trends and stats. We are visual and analytical people. We watches 50 plus hours of fights a week. Most people check the final outcome of the fight, however, we likes to know how these outcomes happened. There are a lot of factors that go into our selections and we strive to uphold our extremely high standards and this is why we win as much as we do!

Why do you wait for 1 hour until before fight time to add a fight to our card?

Sometimes we receive late information from sources of us such as other sharp bettors or my oddsmaker contacts about late steam moves that we will add on to our premium pass. Sometimes as stated above fights are released the night before the event starts. It all depends on the individual fight.

There are many fights of Boxing, kick-boxing, Muay Thai and MMA, why do you only predict a few?

Partly because we mostly make predictions on high profile matches in the major leagues, but more importantly because we only publish predictions we are very certain about. We don’t believe in throwing away good money on bets that we only feel confident in. Combat sports is very unpredictable so you need to take extreme caution when placing big bets, this is because a bad weight cut, injury or flash knock out can always result in a loss.

Do you ever put out Free Plays?

Yes. Get your free combat sports prediction for this weekend. Go to BetonCombat.com and enter your phone number at the bottom of the homepage. You can also get the free play through our twitter account @BetonCombat

What is the difference between Free Plays and Member plays?

Free plays are the plays that didn't make our final cut. These are still solid plays but each are missing at least 1 factor in our system.

Can I post your paid selections on other websites or share the information with non-members?

No. Any member caught posting paid selections on other websites, using them as their own plays or sharing them with others, without prior written consent of Bet on Combat™, will have their membership terminated immediately. A violation of the foregoing will, further, result in an immediate forfeiture of the offending member’s paid subscription fee (i.e. no refund will be issued). 
Do you use a unit system?
No we do not use unit simply because we approach betting on combat sports as an investment. When I launched the site I had discussions with one or two other professional sport bettor about publishing bet amounts and their views were mixed, both sides had good points. Those that said there's no need to publish them, I disagreed with, but respected their opinion. Sometime, It affects relationships and friendships. From a professional investing perspective, I believe it’s not good enough to post opinions and detailed posts without proving it through amount figures.
Do you bet the fights you release to clients?
Yes we only release predictions to clients that we are personally betting ourself.
How many predictions do you release each week?
It really just depends on how many opportunities we find that we believe are an advantage to make good sound investment on and win some money. We do not releases plays on every event and every fight every weekend. The key to winning with some consistency is quality, not quantity. Thus we release plays on fights that we feel the best about on a given week. Every week is different as different combat sports have different amount of fights and we only release a prediction if we are confident in the outcome. We try to limit the volume to maintain a very high winning percentage. We have found that this strategy of quality not quantity is more profitable over the long run.
Keep in mind that our only goal is to profit and “forcing plays” is something we never do. That being said, we are are highly selective and will only advise on fights that yields the best odds to profit. BOC favours a quality over quantity approach since profiting has a lot to do with being selective.
What line do you give out with your predictions?
We check out a variety of offshore and vegas books for the best available lines. The line we post with our predictions is the current line at the time we post it. We highly recommend that you search for the best lines possible, as playing the best lines can give you that additional edge needed to boost profits. We have a list of sports books that we have diligently researched to ensure that they are safe and secure to use.
Are your combat sports predictions independently documented and transparent?
Bet on Combat™ offers unparalleled transparency as every selection is published contemporaneously in its Prediction Archive within an hour after the event. Since July, 2014, Bet on Combat has been monitored by an independent committee made up of media members that cover the combat sports entertainment industry. The media members are responsible for monitoring and oversight of the financial reporting of Bet on Combat betting plays after each combat sports event. If you are a member of the media and would like to apply to participate in the Audit Committee, please send an email to info@betoncombat.com with your name, title, and the media outlet you represent.
Reasons to use a handicapper.
This is probably the question we get asked the most by people who are thinking about investing in a membership with us. The answer is simple - because we are professionals. Betting on combat sports should be approached as an investment. You wouldn't operate on yourself if you weren't a surgeon just like you shouldn't pick combat sports unless you knew what you were doing.
While you are spending time at your job doing your work, we are hard at work doing ours. This includes extensive research, studies, statistical analysis, videos of past fights, and tons more. We do the research because its our job and so you don't have to. You get to just sit back and reap the benefits. We eat sleep and breathe combat sports and research and examine the betting lines everyday all day, except for the few hours we need to sleep to stay focused.
When can I purchase predictions?
You can purchase predictions at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our purchasing system is fully automated and you will have access to our members area immediately after your successful payment. After payment, you will be taken to a page where you will setup your own username and password. After you setup your login codes, you will be taken to our login page to login and as soon as a pick is live it will show up on your members page.
Do you guarantee your predictions?
The guarantee is simple: If you don't win, you don't pay. We only make money when you do" This unique guarantee means that our business only profits when we provide winning advice to our customers on weekly guaranteed picks or multi-pick packages. Our team of world-class handicappers is completely devoted to providing superior results to our clients, and our guarantee ensures you see profit, providing a value-added service with unmatched levels of quality and integrity. "No charge is applied if your prediction doesn't win" When you make a purchase at BetonCombat.com, an approval is authorized on your credit card for the amount of your purchase, but your credit card is not charged until the fight is over and if the prediction won. Overnight the winning plays are billed and the losing plays are voided.
While we never expect to ever lose money, it does happen from time to time, everyone loses. In the event we don’t show a profit during your package length whether it’s a month, or year long you will get that same package length you purchased with insideedgepicks.com extended for that same package length at the end of your original package for FREE.
You do nothing we just extend your package automatically for you. No one does this in our industry. Why do we do this? We offer this because we are that confident in our abilities to make a profit with our picks! This is just even more peace of mind for you that we won’t leave you out in the cold like other services after they lose your bankroll.
If your subscription period ends with negative result, it will be automatically extended, free of charge, until positive result is shown. You will never lose with Bet on Combat.
Your service is very expensive. Don’t you think you should lower the price?
First of all, given our overall results, we feel that our price offers you value for money. Second, our asking price allows us to get quality over quantity when it comes to our memberswe want our clients to be serious betting people making an investment in order to increase their overall profit, and not newbies and university students expecting a paid service to produce a 'rags to riches' scenario. We feel that most serious bettors will recognize us as a good investment opportunity, while our asking price will make most of the newbies opt against joining us, which is exactly what we want to achieve. We considers it a bargain with all the work that we put in.
How are payments made?
All payments are made safely through Stripe and you do not need a account to purchase any packages. If you have any other questions you can call the office at (514) 705-3366 or just email us: info@betoncombat.com.
How does a Pay After You Win play work?
Simply put - if the handicapper wins the play, you are charged the amount listed. If we loses, you are charged zero. Here's how it works: When you make a Pay After You Win Purchase, your credit card is AUTHORIZED for the cost of the play, but the charge is NOT processed unless the play is a winner. If the play wins, the sale is processed. If the play loses, the collected AUTHORIZATION is VOIDED.

Will there be any analysis to go along with the predictions?

Yes, we provide the best in-depth analytical breakdown you will find online.

How much should I bet?

We operate a simple unit based bankroll strategy for all regardless of your Bankroll.

I have lost money over the past week. Should I start betting bigger?

Absolutely NOT! “Chasing” is the #1 pitfall among gamblers. Long term investors understand that ups and downs are part the game, nobody wins 52 weeks out of a year.
BOC’ Bankroll Management System is specifically engineered to weather the short term variances and consistently generate positive returns over the long run. Therefore, you should resist the temptation of deviating from our specified percentages regardless of whether you're on a winning or losing streak. Pick a bankroll you're comfortable with and then stay consistent with your unit size. By staying disciplined and consistent, BOC clients have always come out on top at the end of the year, while others lose their investment in as little as a few days by chasing their losses.

What happens if I don’t win money?

If you purchase our yearly plan and we fail to turn a profit during your 365 day membership a full refund will be offered

Transparency and Accountability

Why did we create Bet on Combat Chatroom
We built Bet on Combat Chatroom as a way to introduce measurement, accountability, transparency and data-driven optimization into the betting world. In order to demonstrate transparency and accountability, communications should be clear, easily accessed, and kept up-to-date. Our inspiration came from Franco Richard trying to help his students bet better when he realized detailed performance data helps people focus on what works best for them thus making them more profitable. Academic studies suggest 95% of bettors lose longterm and 70% of professional mutual fund managers fail to beat the S&P 500 each year and yet there remains thousands of "gurus", bettors and handicappers who claim online to be consistently profitable.
But who is actually profitable?  
It's time to put up or shut up. Just like Investimonials does for financial products, BetonCombat.com aims to discover the best bettors and investors and weed out the worst.
How do I know you didn’t just make those statistics up?
Easy. You can follow the site for a while and see for yourself. We sell our plays in long-term packages, anywhere from 1 month to 1 year. If we were to lie just once about our results, we would lose every single long-term customer. Thus the members of this site are collectively the best monitoring service in the business. We want your business long-term, which is why we will never give you exaggerated or false records, ever.
Why do so many bettors, handicappers and "gurus" lie about their performance?
The gambling industry will always have its share of weasels, degenerates and losers, but we prefer to focus our precious time and efforts on those who are not necessarily always successful, but who always want to learn from losses and mistakes instead of pretending they don't exist or covering them up with lies. Everyone, even legendary investors and traders, endures losses every now and then; we have already learned from the top bettors and gamblers in the Chatroom that the key to successful long-term performance is by focusing on minimizing these losses. Most successful bettors realize this game is a marathon not a sprint and the sooner you begin analyzing your own and other people's profits and losses in detail, the more successful you will become.
Why should people share their profits and losses openly?
Trillions of dollars are spent each year on management fees, subscriptions, DVDs, newsletters and coaching on people claiming to be consistently profitable, but academic studies and experience teaches us trusting anyone in this industry is very dangerous. You can help make this industry transparent and great. There are honest and consistently profitable bettors and handicappers out there, we just need to find them.
Why does Bet on Combat Chatroom have its share of critics?
Our founder Franco Richard has made more than a few enemies exposing fraud and misinformation in the betting and online handicapper industries so people will rip on any and all of his projects. We've gotten used to that... and his attitude problems... and we remain focused on our goal of true betting transparency to improve not just individual bettors, but the entire malfunctioning industry called gambling.
Why has nobody thought of this before?
It is not in anybody's business interest for the online sports betting industry to be fully transparent. And that's what we're hoping to accomplish--to cut through all the BS and weed out the incompetents and liars... because that mission is just and right.
“From a bookmaker’s perspective and a bettor’s perspective, the integrity of the combat sports betting market is something that we all have in common,” Bet on Combat Founder added. “If it’s compromised, bookmakers are out of business and so am I. So I’m going to do my best to protect it.”
How does Bet on Combat weed out liars?
The community can weed out those who they think are lying and you can now post screenshots of your bets or even verify them via our bookmakers import feature. We will not tolerate liars and frauds on our site, they can go post on other websites that tolerate such behavior. If you don't believe a bet, click this Madoff icon and it will be noted... this makes the Bet on Combat community self-policing. Bet on Combat members can rise above such suspicion by using the broker connect tool to verify their trades, thus wiping away any doubt that their trades are real.
Is it a conflict of interest for Franco Richard to both own the site and be on the leaderboards?
No, because Franco shows all of his bets just like everyone else. He is the reason Bet on Combat exists and he exemplifies the kind of brutal honesty and transparency to which all bettors and handicappers should aspire.
What are verified results?

BOC has a 100% transparent & verified results policy. This means that all SPS picks are submitted to, tracked and verified by an independent 3rd party handicapping monitor. This is a true measure of excellence in the sports betting industry where false claims and misleading advertisements are rampant. Most services do not display past performances simply because they have a poor record. Those that do, often either fabricates their results (or) data mine their results showing only past wins. Only long term profitable services such as SPS displays all past picks and are willing to be monitored by a 3rd party!

Money management

What is a bankroll?

Your bankroll is the total amount of money you're putting aside for combat sports betting. The BOC Bankroll System is the safest and most solid framework available to sports bettors worldwide and was designed for long-term success.* It is crucial to understand the concept of money management and to only risk the specified percentages rather than random sums on individual games. Put aside an amount you're comfortable with for the entire year and you'll never have to add to it again as no more deposits will be needed. You will gradually increase your bankroll and enjoy wagering on sports throughout the year.
* All members receive complete instructions to the BOC Bankroll System via email upon joining.

How much capital do I need to start with?
This all varies with each individual. Depending on your budget. Ideally, we suggest starting with $5,000 - $10,000 so that you can properly diversify your portfolio. We've had members grow accounts from 3 figures to 6 figures and slowly build up while using our service. Ideally, new bettors should have at least $2000 in their account, however, this is not a requirement.
We feel its important to remember that betting large amounts doesn't necessarily make you a successful combat sports investor. Everyones bankroll is different, $100 to one customer is $10,000 to someone else. For beginner, we recommend playing with a bankroll of at least $1000, because $1000 is a good amount of money to start generating a small income from betting on combat sports.
The welcome email explains more about the money management and bet size which each individual applies based on his or her bank roll.
How much should I wager?
How much money you should bet depends on the size of your bankroll and how much money you have to play with. You have to be comfortable with whatever the amount is that you are wagering whether its $10.00 or $10,000. A general rule for money management is only betting around 1-5% of your total bankroll on any single fight.
We use 3 standard bet sizes for our predictions and each bet size represents our confidence level in a bet. Here are the three different kinds of bet that we place:
1% of bankroll – Confident.
5% of bankroll – Very confident.
10% of bankroll – Super confident.
For example:

If the standard amount that you bet with is $50 and we recommend placing a 5% bet, you should go ahead and place a $50 bet. If we were to recommend placing a 10% bet, you should increase your standard bet to $100. Similarly, you would reduce your standard bet to $25, if we only recommended placing a 1% bet.

By sticking to these 3 standard bet sizes, you dramatically reduce the risk of going on a bad run and losing all the money in your bankroll. This strategy uses risk management techniques that enable you to grow your betting bankroll in a safe and controlled way.

When should I increase the size of my bets?

You should increase the size of your bets when your bankroll starts to grow. Keep adjusting your bets depending on the size of your bankroll and you will make money with our betting tips. Things may seem slow at first if you have a small bankroll, but as soon as your bankroll hits $500 – $1000, you will start to see it grow rapidly!

When can I start withdrawing money?

You can start withdrawing money whenever you want, but withdrawing money from your bankroll will obviously slow down it’s growth.

The more money you have in your bankroll, the more money you can win. The longer it takes you to build a big bankroll, the longer it will take you to start earning big cash from betting on combat sports.

Is it acceptable to bet a higher or lower wager than you suggest?

Yes, although it's not recommended. Doing so will change the entire money management system, but we can't stop you from betting higher or lower but it is not recommended.
I have just signed up and received BOC’ instructions on the Bankroll Management System. Do I have to follow them exactly or can I bet whatever I like?

BOC’ Bankroll Management System has been statistically proven to be profitable and keeps risk at a minimum level. It is our disciplined approach that has consistently generated positive returns for our clients each year!
While it is ultimately your decision as to what you do with your money, you are taking great risks by not following our exact Bankroll Management System. At that point, your success depends on you rather than on us. In order to achieve optimal results using BOC picks, you MUST read and apply the simple bankroll instructions in the initial welcome email.

Can one really profit from combat sports?
Yes, however only a minority 3% can win consistently. Bet on Combat Founder’s Franco Richard, Millionaire Combat Sports Bettor never has a losing year. We do respect all handicappers and handicapping services for the work they put in. Its a business full of ups and downs, those who continue to put in the extra time and establish a successful system survive.
What are the keys to profiting from combat sports?
Discipline, patience, consistently going for value and stick to a money management system. One should never over commit too big a portion of his bankroll on a single combat sport event. Tame your greed and fear. Do not focus on the result of one combat sports event, adopt the big picture mentality. Have a few accounts on different sports books and always shop for the best prices.


How do I join?
Joining is easy, click the join button at the top of this page and fill out the form.
For identification and security purposes, Bet on Combat reserves the right to request a proof of identification (ID) from all customers. Valid proof of ID includes a picture ID (copy of passport, drivers license or national ID card) and a recent utility bill (within 3 months) listing your name and address as proof of residence.
I am having trouble verifying my account.
You will need verify your account with the link we sent to your email address. Please note, the email may have gone to a trash or spam folder. If this is your first account with BetonCombat.com and you are still having trouble after checking your email, send us a message at info@betoncombat.com.
Could you please explain the subscription process?
If you want to get access to our predictions, you’ll need a membership to the site. The first step in obtaining a membership is to create a free user account via the Register page. Once you’ve created your free user account (and logged in), you’ll need to choose a membership option from our Subscription page. Immediately you will receive a thorough welcome email which explains the money management system and rules to follow.
I've just signed up but am unable to log in to the Members Area. Why is that?

Generally, it takes a few hours for your account to be set up in the system. Once your account is ready, you will receive an email with your unique login credentials. Please check your SPAM/JUNK folder first before contacting BOC. If you still can’t locate the email, please notify us at info@BetonCombat.com or call us Toll-Free at 1-514-705-3366 and someone will promptly assist you.

Which package is right for me?
This depends on how committed you are to betting. Think about your needs and allow us to fulfill them. For new bettors, we recommend the 1 Year membership, as it provides all of the resources you need to build a strong betting foundation. We also highly recommend that our members read our Bet on Combat Betting Guide in order to make the most of their education.
Do you offer discounts on packages?
Yes! We want to reward our most committed members, so we offer discounts on longer term subscriptions. Our unadvertised savings may surprise you, so don’t hesitate to reach out.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards for payment (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover just to name a few). We accept direct bank wires in all currencies. We accept e-wallet payments pending our sales team has said accounts (PayPal, etc). All pricing shown on our website is in USD and we process all payments in USD to be converted by your processing bank.
Do you offer a refund Policy?
When you sign up for Bet on Combat Prediction, you get instant access to tons of invaluable resources that will help you become a better bettor. Because of this, we do not offer refunds on subscriptions, however, you can cancel at any time and no future payments will be made. We want our members to stick around for the long run, so if you have any questions before signing up, feel free to reach out.
How secure is my information?
Your contact information is secure with Bet on Combat™. Your security is of the utmost importance. All member information is kept strictly confidential. We do not sell, rent or give any member information to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
I forgot my password. How do I get it?
You can request a password reminder here. It will be sent to your email address. If you need further assistance, contact your Account Manager or email info@betoncombat.com.

I'm a current BOC member but can't log in today. Why is that?

If you had no problems logging in previously but are suddenly unable to do so today, it’s most likely because your membership has expired or your payment did not go through. You can renew/upgrade your membership by Clicking Here. Upon confirmation of payment your account will be unlocked and your username and password will work again.
For monthly members only, you DO NOT need to renew your subscription at the end of your 30 day cycle. You will be billed automatically every month unless you cancel beforehand. Should there be an issue with your payment, you will receive an email notification from Stripe and a suspension notice from Bet on Combat asking you to edit your billing information.

Will I be automatically rebilled at the end of my subscription?

BOC Consulting offers both recur billing and one-time payment options. When purchasing a Monthly Access, your account will be rebilled at the end of 30 days unless you cancel your subscription before the end of the billing cycle. Please note that recur billing is ONLY applicable to monthly memberships; this way clients will not have to worry about renewing their subscription on time and missing out on winning picks!
All other membership packages including the 7 Days Access, and 12 Month Access are one-time purchases; your credit card will NOT be charged again when the subscription expires. SPS highly encourage clients to purchase longer term memberships rather than the weekly or monthly subscriptions in order to take advantage of the significant price discount and inevitable long term profit they bring.

Do you have a phone number to call the Customer Service?
No, we are a 100% online business, all customer service is handled via email or text.
Do you have a customer support?
Our customer support team operates 7 days per week - 24 hours a day. We operate between 8AM and 8PM EST 7 days a week. We have email support but more importantly we have a FULL live chat system in the members area with our support agents ready to help you at ANY time.
Do you offer kick backs for referrals?
Yes, based on the package you refer we have kickbacks that vary all the way up to $500. For more information, you can read the Refer a Friend here: http://www.betoncombat.com/refer. My affiliates get 30% commissions on anyone they refer to our predictions, and it’s a great way to get money to begin betting.
Why use Bet on Combat?
There is no other handicapper out there that puts his money where his mouth is like Bet on Combat Founder Franco Richard. He backs his bets up with real money. He's been featured in the news, yahoo.com, maxim magazine, people magazine, ESPN, and many other credible sources for all of his combat sports betting accomplishments. 

Bet on Combat Investment Fund

What type of company is Bet on Combat Investment Fund? 

Bet on Combat Group LLC is one of the largest alternative sports investment managers in the world. We serve the investment needs of a diversified institutional base, providing asset management services through our funds, which pursue a broad range of global investment opportunities. We currently manage multi-strategy funds, credit funds, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), real estate funds, equity funds and other alternative investment vehicles. Please click here for more information about our firm.

When was the fund established and when did investing begin?

The Bet on Combat Investment Fund, LLC was established on January 17, 2010 in Cayman Islands. The Fund Manager, Franco Richard was also licensed by the State of Cayman Islands on 9/18/10. The first investing began January 17, 2010.

Where are Bet on Combat's offices located?

Our headquarters is in Turks and Caicos and we have offices in Montreal, Los Angeles, London, and Hong Kong. Please click here for more information about our office locations.

What is entity sports wagering?

Entity sports wagering is a new State of Nevada sports investment product that was made legal by the Nevada legislature and signed into law by Governor Sandoval on June 2, 2015. The newly passed Senate Bill 443 allows Nevada entities to place sports wagers with investment funds from their investors, similar to a hedge fund or mutual fund, that is managed by an approved fund manager who has complete control of all investment decisions and meets all requirements established by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

What's the minimum investment in the fund?

The current minimum investment is $1,000 for one Share in the fund.

How do I know my account balance?

You will receive an electronic monthly statement showing all transactions and month end balance. You can also see on your Bet on Combat profile.

Why should you invest in the Bet on Combat Investment Fund?

Bet on Combat believes that sports betting is a profitable alternative form of investment not correlated to the financial markets.

- Non-correlated Returns: The Bet on Combat Investment Fund returns are not correlated to the performance of traditional investment products such as stocks, bonds, property etc. Subsequently, the Bet on Combat Investment Fund can provide your investment portfolio with valuable diversification.

- Investment Returns: Bet on Combat Investment Fund returns have historically been commensurate with other mainstream investment products. Subsequently, as part of an overall portfolio, an investment with Bet on Combat Investment Fund can bet highly attractive. 

- Recession Proof: The asset classes invested in by Bet on Combat Investment Fund are ostensibly impervious to domestic or global economic conditions and hence superior returns can be achieved more consistently.

- Liquidity of Investment: Unlike other investment classes there is no lock up period associated with the investment. Subsequently, immediate access to invested funds is possible (see Question 10 below for more detail). 

- Competitive Fees: Lower Fees than traditional financial Investments.

- Tax-Free: The Bet on Combat Investment Fund provides investment returns that are tax-free, thus making the effective return superior to other investment products.

What kind of bets does Bet on Combat Investment Fund make?

Bet on Combat is a sports investment fund, focused primarily on the combat sports betting market. We are an exclusive combat sports investment fund. Our investment universe includes international boxing (WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF), Kick-boxing, Muay Thai (Glory, K-1) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA (UFC, Bellator, ONE FC, Invicta, Titan). We will also consider others international events where appropriate.

Can I find out the investment selections made?

Yes! You may opt to receive all investment selections via text 5-10 minutes before fight time. This will give you a rooting interest.

What is Bet on Combat Investment Fund strategy and objective?

The performance objective of the funds is to mitigate much of the risk inherent with combat sports event betting and generate returns in excess of traditional stock market and global hedge fund indices such as S&P500 Index.

How does SPS compare to investing in stocks/bonds?

BOC clients profited 82.1% in 2015 and generated an average annual return of 49.28% since inception! On most months, we've not only outperformed the S&P 500 index and every mutual fund, but have generated for our client’s more superior returns than they could have made off any other types of investment!
There’s a higher risk betting on combat sports than investing in bonds or T-bills, but when done correctly under a proven and disciplined bankroll system, it is safe and the rewards are much greater! Not to mention, it's infinitely more fun to wager on and profit from combat sports than stocks.

What is the duration of the investment required to achieve the goal of performance?

Bet on Combat focuses its activities on creating portfolios flexible, one-year or multi-year characterized by a rebalancing of the same at the beginning of each new year.

Does the Global market provide enough liquidity for an investment in an asset class of this type?

- The short answer is yes. Global online investment was upward of US$144 billion in 2015.5 Global investment in sports and events is expected to grow at 5% in 2017, representing a gross win of over US$450bn.6 This provides sufficient liquidity and opportunity for  Investment Fund to operate without having a detrimental effect on either the markets or the potential investment returns.

- The medium term target for total funds under management (FUM) is $USD10 million. This figure is based on the current size of the global sports investing market, assumes minimal growth in this sector7 and the ability to readily deploy assets without materially effecting the markets within which the Bet on Combat Investment Fund operates.

If Bet on Combat Investment Fund has such good money-making systems and opportunities, then why the need to seek additional investors?

Bet on Combat Investment Fund was started solely with the founder’s capital. This capital still accounts for over 60% of funds under management. Additional investment provides the advantages associated with scaling the business and allows access to many more investment opportunities. Moreover, the infrastructure and organisation that was developed to deploy the initial capital can readily be used to run its projects at a larger fund figure. It makes business and commercial sense to utilise, more fully, the existing infrastructure.

What is the investment structure and regulation of my investment?

- One is not investing in shares in the Bet on Combat Investment Fund itself, but rather units in an investment fund that is being managed by a board of advisors.

- Bet on Combat Investment Fund will maintain a register of all investors and their respective interests in the investment fund.

- Bet on Combat Investment Fund is not a registered managed investment schemes, but rather it is being operated as small-scale private fund with limited investors. For this reason, the Bet on Combat Investment Fund avoid direct regulatory oversight, bypass licensing requirements applicable to investment companies, and operate with greater flexibility than mutual funds and other investment funds.

What is the optimum timeframe of my investment?

- Funds are expected be invested for a minimum of 12 months although it is recommended that like other investment vehicles a 3-5 year time horizon  be chosen.

- Investment may be redeemed at any time after the initial 12 months in accordance with the procedures set out below.

- Request to redeem Investment within the initial 12 months due to financial hardship will be considered.

How much will I pay in performance fees, taxes etc?

- Bet on Combat Investment Fund will receive a performance fee of 30% of any investment return above the initial investment (payable bi-annually in arrears).

- There are no entry or exit fees. All expenses will be the fully-responsibility of the Bet on Combat Investment Fund

- Each investor will incur a 3% management fee (of starting FUM). The management fee will be incurred at the end of June each year (i.e 12 months in arrears pro-rata) and will only be charged if the individual account is in credit by at least +3% for the completed year.

- Taxes will be the full responsibility of each investor.

-The fund will distribute all returns on a before tax basis. Each investor will be responsible for tax (if any) on all their distributions even if they elect to reinvest some or all of these distributions.

What is the procedure investment return calculations and reporting?

- Investment return will be calculated before any performance fees and the deduction of management fees.

- Reporting of returns will be presented to unit holders on July 15th (final) and January 15th (interim) each year.

- Quarterly statements will be distributed to each investor and accessible via the website.

What is BOC Fund's fiscal year end?

BOC Fund's fiscal year end is December 31. Our reporting quarters correspond with calendar quarters.

Who is BOC Fund's independent auditor?

BOC Fund use an independent Audit Committee chair by a Chief Audit Executive. Please click here for more information about the Audit Committee firm.

How do I get a copy of BOC Fund's latest annual report?

Please click here to access a copy of our latest annual report. You may request a hard copy be sent to you by clicking here.

What happens with distribution of dividends?

- An investor can elect whether he/she chooses to receive distribution or have his/her distribution reinvested in the fund. 

- If the distribution option is selected, distribution will be made within 14 days of the reporting of returns. The fund will advise the amount payable as distributions two weeks prior to distribution date.

How to redeem your investment? 

- Please notify in writing the Bet on Combat Investment Fund with this intention, providing nominated bank account details.

- 60 days notice is needed owing to the requirement to liquidate in an orderly manner – if funds are required in less than 60 days, a 5% processing fee maybe incurred.

- Redemption amount will be determined as at the most recent past distribution date.

When can I withdraw my profits from the Bet on Combat Investment Fund to my bank account?

As a BOC Fund Investor you can withdraw your profits on the 1st and 15th of every month. Just let the BOC Fund support team know ahead of time and you pay a standard bank wiring fee.

Why should I invest in the BOC Fund and not just bet on my own?

We've seen a lot of bettors come and go over the years. The top reasons why bettors fail are 1) lack of proper education and 2) betting without enough capital.  The Bet on Combat Investment Fund solves both these issues and levels the playing field. 

Plus, the Bet on Combat Investment Fund is an opportunity to trade with huge amounts of betting capital with NO annoying PDT Rule restriction like in the Stock Market.

How big is the betting fund and how many people are involved?

The value of the betting fund and the number of investors is protected information.  Bet on Combat Investment Fund, LLC will be limiting initial participation as well as investment capital so as not to allow syndicate oriented influence.

Where are funds held?

All BOC Fund investors accounts are held by The Bank of Cayman Islands.

Which authorities have primary responsibility for regulating funds, fund managers and those marketing funds?

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) is the main regulatory body in the Cayman Islands that oversees open-ended investment funds, fund managers and those marketing investment funds. The statutory framework under which CIMA derives its supervisory responsibilities (in respect of investment funds and investment managers) is set out in the Mutual Funds Law and the Securities Investment Business Law (the SIB Law).

Will I have to pay income tax on my investments?

No. This is a non-taxable investment.

Who can participate?

Investors can be from anywhere in the world, are 21 years of age or older and have valid identification. All potential investors go through a verification process which includes address, drivers license and proof of income. Investors must provide their name, residential address, valid photo identification which also verifies they are at least 21 years old and social security number.

How do I get started?

BOC Fund works similar to mutual funds. Step one is to make certain you understand the program and that is best done by thoroughly reviewing the information on the web site. You may also speak with one of our staff members who will be happy to answer any questions.

The next step if you decide to make an investment into the fund is to review and complete a fund Offering Agreement, a Subscription Agreement and a Operating Agreement. Additionally, you will be required to submit your personal information. Turnaround time is usually 2-4 days.

Then, as an investor, you transfer funds to BOC Fund account (after being approved), who invests your funds on combat sports events at a risk level previously determined

After you have successfully deposited funds into your account, your deposited funds will be held in a separate bank account designated to hold investor funds by our company.

How do I apply?

- The Combat Sports Investment Fund is available to anyone aged 21 and over and from any jurisdiction.

- Please satisfy yourself however that under any taxation, foreign exchange or legal legislation in your home jurisdiction, that you are able to invest with Bet on Combat Investment Fund.

- Simply complete an application form and return it to the Bet on Combat Investment Fund with full details of the proposed investment fund selection.

Tell me how does the Pre-Authorized Investment Service Work?

BOC Fund Pre-authorized Investment debit is a convenient way of investing. It’s easy. Just choose the amount you want to invest and how often you want to invest it. That amount will be automatically deducted from your checking account or charge your credit card and deposited in the BOC Fund to your name.

You’ll invest money on a regular basis without even thinking about it. It’s the easiest way to Invest.

How can I contact Investor Relations?

Shareholders wishing to send communications to the Board of Directors of Bet on Combat should send an email, write or telephone Noémie Melendez, Chief Financial Officer & Director of Investor Relations, at:  

Noémie Melendez
Bet on Combat, LLC
1335 N. La Brea, Suite 2168
Los Angeles, California, 90028
Telephone:  (514) 705-3366  
Email: info@betoncombat.com

For further information about the fund, you can obtain a copy of these documents on our website at BetonCombat.com/Investing.


What is the purpose of the blog?

In our blog, you’ll find profound combat sports betting related analysis of the some of the world’s leading betting experts. We want to collect and share great betting knowledge on the blog in order to educate our users and ultimately to achieve Bet on Combat's goal: to improve your combat sports betting from an investing perspective.

Who is writing on the blog?

Both members from our staff and guest bloggers are writing for our blog.

Can I write for the blog?

Our blog is written by highly experienced combat sports betting writers and to keep the standard high we only let very high quality writers post on the blog. If you genuinely feel you have something special to offer or are an expert in your field and would like to write for our blog, please send us a message.


If you have questions or suggestions for website additions or subtractions, if you spot an error or if you just plain don’t understand something, please send us an email at info@betoncombat.com. We’ll do our best to get back to you.

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