UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem

Sport: MMA
Promotion: UFC
Date: Dec. 30, 2011
Venue: MGM Grand Garden Arena
City: Las Vegas, Nevada
Broadcast: Pay-Per-View
Straight Bet

Alistair Overeem (-155)

Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem


Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem

Brock and his camp have had retirement talks and you wonder if he head is in the game. Overeem is way better on the feet and Brock doesn't like to be hit and  he just has to avoid the take down which I feel he will do. Overeem is gonna KO Brock and make him look foolish on the feet.

Stake: 12%


Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem
+125 Odds -155
44.4% Market % 60.8%
30.00% Bet on Combat % 70.00%
-14.4% Inefficiency % +9.2%
Alistair Overeem - Straight Bet
To Win:$10000.00


Alistair Overeem defeats Brock Lesnar via TKO (body kick and punches) at 2:26 of round 1.



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