Glory 19: Virginia

Sport: Kickboxing
Promotion: Glory
Date: Feb. 6, 2015
Venue: Hampton Coliseum
City: Hampton, Virginia
Broadcast: Spike
Parlay Bet

Joe Shilling (-500) Raymond Daniels (-270) - (-155)

Raymond Daniels vs. Jonathan Oliveira (Glory 19: Virginia)
Joe Schilling vs. Robert Thomas (Glory 19: Virginia)


Joe Schilling vs Robert Thomas

Schilling is a kickboxing world champion and his power and strength behind his shot are very powerful and I see him landing those power shots to eventually KO Thomas here. Schilling is just too powerful and accurate with his shots.


Raymond Daniels vs Jonathan Oliveira

The sport karate of Daniels is very hard to deal with all the crazy angles and power shots that are thrown from all types of directions. The sport karate style of Daniels will be too much for Oliveira and I see Daniels landing some big shots to eventually win by TKO.

Stake: 3%


Joe Shilling (-500) Raymond Daniels (-270) - Parlay Bet
To Win:$2000.00


Joe Schilling defeats Robert Thomas via

Raymond Daniels defeats Jonatan Oliveira via



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