BOXING: Mayweather vs. Gatti

Sport: Boxing
Promotion: Top Rank
Date: June 25, 2005
Venue: Boardwalk Hall
City: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Broadcast: Pay-Per-View
Straight Bet

Floyd Mayweather (-360)

Arturo Gatti vs. Floyd Mayweather


Mayweather vs. Gatti

Mayweather is just too fast for Gatti and should be able to land combinations at will. The speed and accuracy of Mayweather will be too much for Gatti.

Stake: 10%


Arturo Gatti vs. Floyd Mayweather
+330 Odds -360
23.3% Market % 78.3%
73.00% Bet on Combat % 27.00%
+49.7% Inefficiency % -51.3%
Floyd Mayweather - Straight Bet
To Win:$4000.00


Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeats Arturo Gatti via TKO at 3:00 in round 6 of 12.

Mayweather dominated Gatti through six rounds. Late in the first round Mayweather would score a knockdown as Gatti dropped his hands and complained to the referee about an illegal punch Mayweather had landed. With Gatti's attention turned towards the ref, Mayweather landed a left hook that sent Gatti into the ropes and on his knee. Things would only go more downhill from there for Gatti as Mayweather continued to overwhelm the champion with his quickness hand speed, landing combinations at will. After losing all six rounds on the scorecards and having landed only 41 total punches to Mayweather's 168, Gatti's trainer and cornerman Buddy McGirt stopped the fight following the sixth round, giving Mayweather an automatic technical knockout victory.



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