‘Francombat’ Is Making the Biggest Bet Of His Career

Written by Noemie Melendez aka FightNumbers -

‘Francombat’ Is Making the Biggest Bet Of His Career

Franco Richard better known as ‘Francombat’, will be placing the biggest bet of his betting career, this time on boxing. Remember when Franco won more than a quarter million dollars with the riskiest bets in UFC history betting on underdog Matt Serra to beat Georges St-Pierre at UFC 69: Shootout? Well guess what, he's now betting $250,000,00 on Floyd Mayweather to beat Manny Pacquiao at odds -187. If he wins, the bet will pay out $133,689.84.

Franco placed his bet overseas in Macau and he is super confident. Of course, it’s Boxing and anything can happen, but unless Floyd get caught, the smart money is on him.

Here’s his official prediction released early last month to members here.




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