Against all odds: Cotto vs Alvarez, Abraham vs Murray and more

Written by François Bouchard aka Southpaw -

Against all odds: Cotto vs Alvarez, Abraham vs Murray and more

In France, Very interesting rematch between former middleweight champion Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam and Avtandil Khurtsidze.  N’Dam is a small -270 favorite, while Khurtsidze is +210.  Expect another close fight that goes 12 rounds.

In Hannover, Germany, Englishman Martin Murray will try to make the fourth one a charm as he goes for his fourth try for a world title, having drew with Felix Sturm and lost a close fight to Sergio Martinez while giving Gennady Golovkin a good fight for 11 rounds.  WBO super middleweight champion Abraham is past his prime but this is still Germany.  This is why he is still favorite at -145 and Murray is +125. This is your best shot at a draw.

Anthony Crolla is a -185 favorite against Darleys Perez and it’s difficult to understand. Perez should win this, plus he is the more skilled fighter. Event though he is in enemy territory, I expect him to make no doubt this time.  There is a good chance the underdog +160 Perez keeps his WBA lightweight title. They fought to a draw last time.

Linear middleweight champion Miguel Cotto is a +260 underdog to lose his belt to youngster Saul Alvarez, and this should happen by KO. Alvarez is a -320 favorite and I expect him to blast out the champion. Most people expect a war. I expect the older fighter with a lesser chin to surrender.




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